Apply Secure Clips new preserves the privacy of the clipboard and notes

تطبيق Secure Clips الجديد يحافظ على خصوصية الحافظة والملاحظات

Follow-up of both what is important and new in the world of apps, with us today a new app on the Google Play Store and the name of the Secure Clips on to the main task is to save the privacy of the clipboard and feedback, so that any application on your phone to read the text and access it, this reversed folder Android default.

With regard to the possibility to use, all you have to do is select the text to copy it, after that it is a list of the common “three points” in the Android platform, select the application SecureClips won’t have anymore to worry about applications that need to spying on your portfolio.

Finally, this app unfortunately is not free, it is available for download at a price of$ 1.99 on the Google Play Store, and does not include any purchases or ads internally, and to work with your device to be running Android 6.0 most recent.

Download application Secure Clips.

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