Apply the Duo of Google gets on the screen of the new connection and more

Increasingly we see new features for Google server-side, meaning not having to download an app update, but remain a problem in receiving all of these benefits, which you have to wait days and sometimes weeks to be available to everyone, regardless of how it got applied Duo from Google on the new update of the server-side, and got on the screen of the new connection.

Where in the past, the choice of the points of contact in the app in separate tabs for video and audio, but now there is just one tab, you can through its huge freak-track audio or video after selecting a contact, and if you choose the option message, you have now the option to send a voice message only.

Also, find update a new way to choose contacts to “Favorites”, which usually appear at the top of the list of contacts, where previously to choose contact favorite was by prolonged pressure, but now there is a separate option in the menu.

Finally, as we pointed out earlier, this update with these features, to be launched on the server side, so if you are a user of the app and did not get water, bear other days, but would prefer to download the latest version of the app on the App Store to move from here.

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