Apply the Duo of Google now supports sending photos of self-destruction

There is a fact about the efforts of Google in messaging services, they are in every place, in particular, witnessed the application of visual communication Duo further growth and praise.

This is probably behind the progress of the team in the creation and support features, as the app lets you already record and send video messages and photos to your contacts.


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Now you can also share the pictures that destroy themselves “self-destruct”, so with the latest version for compatibility on Google Play.

In respect of the possibility to use, simply open the photo gallery on your phone, and select one photo, and Duo between the goals of participation.

Click on it and you will go to the editing interface where you can add text or doodle in multiple colors before agreeing on the final result.

After that, will Duo display your contacts list with your favorite contacts at the top, so you can select up to five of them and send the picture.

It will appear in the screen of each contact as a thumbnail box in the middle, with delivery status and time and remaining until it expires are clearly.

You can also open the image to see her again or save them on your device or delete them.

However, it does not seem that the latter option removes the existing image when the recipient, so it is best to be careful.

More worthy to note, that the process of transmission that do not support multicast, so that you will have to watch them one after the other with the contact itself.

Will display their thumbnail images in the scroll box, and you can also tap and hold each one to get the options for the ceremony and party.

In turn, also will the sound level to notice of the application shows the image as a thumbnail and expiration date.

To broaden the picture should be clicked, and then reply via a video message or audio call.

Finally, this function is still in its early stages, through the following scenes:
  • You can’t share a video or send a batch of images.
  • You can’t share photos directly from the app, where the only way to participate is through the gallery application on your phone.
  • No recipients can reply in their own, just a video call or voice.
  • Is feature deletion is a bit confusing, they do not decorate the picture sent by the recipient.

Generally, if you want to experience this feature, make sure that you are using the latest version of the 56 Duo, which was launched during the last few days on store Google Play.

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