Apply the Fix Edge to get notifications Edge Lighting while the screen is off

The advantage of Edge Lighting is a wonderful feature on Samsung phones with curved edges, specifically on the phones Galaxy S9, S10 and the Galaxy Note 8 noted 9.

Where is way to beautiful and customizable to meet your attention and access to your notifications quickly when the screen is off.

تطبيق Fix Edge للحصول على إشعارات Edge Lighting أثناء إيقاف تشغيل الشاشةThe application of FixEdge to get notifications EdgeLighting while the screen is off

As we are accustomed, where the more exclusive for some phones apps are developed similar to him, for the benefit of everyone.

In this regard there are a number of apps not a lot comes to this task, but most of them only works when the screen is in operating mode.

But with the application of the Fix Edge is different it lets you this new app to receive notifications of Edge Lighting from any application while the screen is off.

It is its features, not the consumption of everything from battery power, and support to customize the colors and choose the icon for any application.

Most importantly, it works with any installed application you have, including Facebook Messenger.

In turn also, this app is designed for safety phones Samsung S8 and S9 and S10, and Note 8 and Note 9 operating issuing Android 9.0 the latest and the next one OneUI.

Will also phone my Galaxy S-7 instead of 8 with the Android version 8.0, but does not support customize the colors, it will not work with devices that do not belong to Samsung.

Finally, apply the Fix Edge is available for free download on the store Google Play, supported by ads.

To get rid of this annoying ads, there is a clause to purchase the app, however, will open more nurses.

Download application Fix Edge from here.

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