Apply the Mint gets on the investment of $ 6 million

تطبيق نعناع يحصل على استثمار بقيمة 6 ملايين دولار

Got grocery shopping application, the Saudi representative of the Mint on the new investment to expand its operations worth US $ 6 million, comes after a round of investment led by Partners Group Middle East Investment Middle East Venture Partners (MEVP), a company of the group the Saudi Investment Saudi Venture Capital (SVC), وImpact 46.

And apply the Mint service connected to the prosecution or only vegetables and fruits, and helps consumers to obtain their requirement in an easy manner and quickly without the need to spend time and effort in going to places of the House. Where you can choose between the convenience of the existing application in a manner appropriate to their list of stores large, medium, well-known, and then determine the procurement and the adoption of demand to wait for the arrival of the prosecution, as it lets you pay directly by credit card or cod.

It is considered such a big investment and a way to expand the app works in more areas within Saudi Arabia, and perhaps later in other regions abroad.

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