Apply the Tasty new puts at your fingertips more than 3000 food recipe

No longer apply and the content of the food are quite popular, where there are a lot of blogs and sites that cover the industry in all its forms, but this does not prevent the launch of new applications in this area, where in order to attract the largest possible number of interested users, allowed the company to Buzzfeed the application of new Tasty, which comprises about 3000 food recipe.

On the other hand, the application comes to the status of Education step-by-step, there is a page “my recipes” that represent your own cookbook on your smartphone screen, as well as a research tool innovative enables you to search by ingredients, cuisine, and social occasion that you want to target.

With Tasty you’ll get suggestions for your next meal depending on the time of day, or by week or even the time of events, holidays, annual, and if you prefer vegetarian food simply can for the and with hide all meals that contain meat.

In respect of the tool Search smart through which it will search for recipes according to social plans or ingredients or diet needs, or even the degree of difficulty and other categories, and of course ways to prepare the food will be cheap with a video clip demonstrating how to prepare step by step, finally applying Tasty is available to download for free and full of on store Google Play, supports Android 5.0 the latest

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