Apply zoom on iPhone send your data to Facebook,

Increased the popularity of the application calls the video Zoom in the last few weeks, after turning a lot of companies work remotely in addition to having people in their homes is causing MERS-CoV all over the world.

The application of Zoom to apply a powerful and easy to use, but some people raised concerns about how it will deal with privacy of users. In the analysis of the development of Zoom your iOS, found the site Motherboard that the app sends data to Facebook periodically even if the user has logged-on to Facebook or have no Facebook account.

Once you open the application to Zoom on your phone, call one of the Facebook Graph API, which is a basic method that sends out the developers of the application data to Facebook or receive. And according to Motherboard, says the application to Zoom to inform Facebook when the user opens the app with sending details of your phone like model, and the time zone and city that they call them and the communication they are dealing with and the advertiser’s unique that is generated by the user’s device that companies can use to target the user with ads.

Policy privacy Zoom that the company may collect profile information on Facebook (if you use Facebook to log in to the app or create an account in the app via Facebook), but it does not say anything about sending data to Facebook .

Source: Motherboard

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