Applying money management to manage your expenses and expenses monthly and remind you of the dates of repayment of loans and bills!

Perhaps one of the most difficult problems that we face continuously is the management of money and manner of spending, especially with the amended monthly financial commitments and basic needs, apply “money management” as its name implies you will easily manage your money and your expenses in a simple and smooth.

تطبيق "إدارة الأموال" - لإدارة مصاريفك الشهرية وتتبع سداد الفواتير والديون بسهولة!

Applying the “money management” – manage your expenses monthly and pay off bills and debts easily!

The use and application of money management:

  • Up the process of repayment for each loan or debt or monthly obligations or expenses, or bank accounts.
  • Loans: you can learn the rest of the value of the loan, the value date of last amount was paid.
  • Debt: can you figure out who is chasing you it is a match, the remainder of the debt, and the rest of you, the value date of last amount has been paid or it has been added.
  • Monthly obligations: you can follow all the amounts that you pay monthly and do not have a certain extent of sales or director
    Like router workers you have or the bills or rents.
  • Bank accounts : you can add your bank account, keeping all your data bank in this section.
  • Expenses: you can now follow and see all your expenses monthly, worth, and spent it, and where it is spent.

تطبيق "إدارة الأموال" - لإدارة مصاريفك الشهرية وتتبع سداد الفواتير والديون بسهولة!

Applying the “money management” – manage your expenses monthly and pay off bills and debts easily!

Features the application of money management:

  • An easy way to keep track of all operations repayment of loans and debt obligations, monthly bank accounts and it costs
  • Know the times the repayment date of the surgery and the time of its
  • Save the address of the person with name, phone number and e-mail
  • Possibility to connect to the network or the voltage of the same app
  • Possibility to add a note for each payment
  • The possibility of additional alert to the payment
  • The possibility to postpone the development for a number of hours or re-development tomorrow.
  • The possibility of a choice of implementation : monthly, every 3 months, every 6 months, or yearly for any name in the app
  • When the app does remind you of the process you will be able to re-ticket again with many options of notifications
  • The possibility of sending the details of payment of debts and expenses via e-mail
  • The possibility of opening the app by fingerprint or code protection or Face ID
  • The possibility to synchronize data via the send to ensure it is not lost
  • The presence of the Department of loans Department of debt section, the obligations of the monthly section, the bank accounts section, the expenses section of the data bank.

The free version and

You can download an application money management for free and enjoy all the benefits of basic, but you also can obtain other advantages are advanced and complete through the purchase of the backup.


  • Works on iPhone and iPad-Touch and iPad.
  • Operating system compatible: iOS 8.0 and newer.
  • Size: 36 Mb.

Download version iPhone:

Coder: Ebrahim Aldakhil

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