Appointed director of the service of the Vine previous to lead a team Facebook NPE new

Facebook use in the service of the vine “Vine” previously lead a team for experimental NPE revealed by last week to develop new applications.

تعيين مدير خدمة Vine السابق لقيادة فريق فيسبوك NPE الجديد

Revealed Jason died, former director of development and Vine, about to fight his new challenge in the job by going to the Facebook team to develop product demos NPE that has been machined recently announced the company last week, said it is seeking to develop new applications and services other than existing.

Chirp died: “it’s time to move to California, and it is good to see what I’ll do in the future, I’ll join as a regular team Facebook the new NPE.”

Was Jason died says the Vine until 2016 when he left his post one year before the closure of the service that she was possessed by Twitter. Then go to Google he said projects relating to the presentation of virtual reality and its applications, I also spent some time working on the development of products YouTube during his time there.

But now he decided to stop for a new challenge and go towards the other Giant of World Trade to lead a new team has been chosen to invent new things.

Referred to Facebook is seeking through its team to develop new products, new ideas, different in its quest to reach more audience.

Therefore, Jason died is considered a test distinct from the company for new product and lead the development of new ideas.

You can read more about the team, product demos Facebook from here.


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