Apps can access your photos without permission, is this reasonable?

Since the duration of The continues to be with us for some users with concern that some applications can access to the photos without permission, is this reasonable? And actually there are some apps can access your photos without your permission? And why not a notification appears that the app wants to access a folder of images, preferably images immediately?

Certainly you come across this, maybe you didn’t pick him, and I thought that you have to give permission to access your photos, but the truth is really you don’t do this, the app has introduced photo for you to choose a picture without permission or your permission, but a moment, the folder of pictures that he opens his app couldn’t access a picture of it or know its content or access to the I picture of it, just picture that you choose and OK to be this picture is just the image that the application can access.

IOS system is still safe, but he tries to make it easy on the user

Some applications need you to choose one image or several images to put as your account is like, so Apple will offer developers the possibility to show a folder of images to the user images, but the app itself has no access to these images or access does not in any way, so no need to correct, you just choose a photo and press OK to and be for the permit to get these photos.

So don’t freak out if you found the app shows you a folder of images without permission, there is nothing to worry about, still your images safely and you can simply not choose a picture and press the button cancel, if you don’t want to share any photos with the app.

More safety with a permit addendum only

In iOS 11 Apple has forced developers who have their apps just want to add images to your pictures folder and does not require to look at your photos to take permit to add only, so they can add photos to the photos folder without any validity for them to find out what it needs to this area, and Apple TV to operate this rule with the passage of time will be deleted applications that violate this condition.

Even know the apps that it has fully informed on a folder of images or just do not permit addition of only therefore are very secure, you can open your device Settings, Privacy, photos

It also notes the application of Zammit does not permit adding only, “the application of Zammit safe” 🙂 we just need a permit to add even a reservation which photos you want to keep them from any quarter.

Apple TV system is already safe, and a lot of users don’t know these details that make his life safe and not in a condition to know, there are a thousand details small and large which ensures that the user feels safe and without any sacrifice or responsibility such as a lot of messages and requests for access and settings all this so be safe, versa iOS system ensures security began to store programs that control Apple control the end system strong are very difficult to pass any thing to each of you guys to infringe on your privacy.

This picture was posted on our account in Instagram just to joke around with our follow-up, and you imagine what if the sincerity of the developers in the letters requested permission to access 🙂 follow us on Instagram

Have you ever noticed that some applications do not ask for access permission to the image folder, and does it worry you that? We hope this article useful for you and we hope its participation until it reaches the information to all users.

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