Apps free for one day. [146]

This theme free apps for one day. [146] back to the world of Apple.

Dino Rush

Game dinosaurs this feature with great graphics, as it requires you to run and jump over obstacles and predatory dinosaurs and plenty of adventure.

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Is a game entertaining and require you to clear all the mess by defining all the micro-organisms of the same type with certain merge them together, and you must maintain a leak-virus software.

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My Wonderful Days

Is a diary a diary can be used easily and quickly. The application notify you in time to write a simple note, and add photos and videos to the Memorandum, besides you can put the commons you about that Note Through the bottom bar.

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Is a puzzle game featuring graphics manual, soft music, and as well as the levels increased in difficulty.

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This theme free apps for one day. [146] back to the world of Apple.

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