Apps free for one day [221]

SpacePortal – AugmentedReality

Is a shooting game in an augmented reality environment, so that allows you to this game moving your phone ب360 degrees to face the attacks of enemies in your surrounding environment.


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I know of

Jumpy Kangaroo

In this game you have to get this kangaroo hopper to the farthest possible distance, and the obstacles and trees. Game lets you challenge your friends, check the leaderboard for top points.

تطبيقات مجانية

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Color Twin

Is a game entertaining puzzle, which requires you to drag and drop one circle in another place to the side of the circles of similar color.

تطبيقات مدفوعة

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Is a game entertaining and depend on the ability to focus and follow, so that we have here with the train and find the differences on the side of a road on the other side.

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