Apps free for one day [224]

This application lets you to create a design all by packaged in your own words. You only need to click button “Input text”, input the words you want to show in the final images.


I know of

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Rock(s) Rider

Game racing motorcycle strong, featuring graphics and three-dimensional with unique details. You can through this game, jumping and scurrying above the challenging environment, as it allows you to Game Customize and optimize your study according to your convenience.

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An orderly fashion

Nice application and easy to use lets you organize and arrange your to-do list, which features one beautiful design, in addition to cloud sync, and comes with a ticket of sites, which allows users not to miss any task associated with a particular location.

تطبيق Orderly لتنظيم قوائم المهام

Slide Tetromino Premium

Slide Tetromino is a puzzle game mazes for cutting action colored, so that you need to get a piece of the key frozen into place the torch flame.

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