Apps from Google Play began to weigh 65% less

In 2018, Google together with creators has managed to reduce the “weight” of applications for OS Android on average by 65%. Such data leads Kochikar Purnima, development Director, Google Play. According to her, this has been achieved through more efficient operation of instrumentation development programs, which recently received a massive update.

Google puts a lot of effort to make apps from Google Play is available to everyone. Due to the fact that software is constantly losing weight it can load the owners are not only flagship devices, but entry-level devices with a small amount of built-in store, share successes Purnima Kochikar.

Malicious applications

Along with the reduction, says Kochikar, apps are 70% less likely to experience crashes at the expense of the intellectual tools provided by Google that enables developers to monitor the most vulnerable components and better optimize their offspring for different versions of Android. The same algorithms can detect malware by identifying it with a probability of 99%.

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