Apps in the Google Play working on stealing users ‘ data encrypted

More apps that you scams on users in the Google Play, where the monitoring of the company ESET security application that works on stealing users ‘ data encrypted in the wallet bitcoin and replacing it with a statement of virtual work on the stored data in the calculation of the virtual other person unknown.


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One of the apps Google Play, which comes in the beginning the idea of encrypted data to users through a long series of characters only it works as a clipper is a type of malware that works on stealing cryptographic operations automatic in the purse of users on the internet.

The application was MetaMask an application that monitor the software clipper harmful, where the idea of data encryption for wallet users in the time you have finished these data to the addresses of the fake alternative to calculate the user’s portfolio, where this process takes place when the user is logged in encryption automatic, to regulate the deposits of the users to the purse virtual person anonymously.

As indicated by the company ESET that apps like this one spotted for the first time on the Windows platform in 2017, and then I discovered this category of applications containing on malware in Google Play over the past month.

Also confirmed ESET on the existence of such apps in the Google Play Store, which aims to track users and operations fraud through the theft of user data, also referred to the possibility of the protection of the users via the following steps:

  • Update software landed at the most appropriate time, with the installation of an application reliable protection
  • The user has to choose the installed apps in Google Play, and install apps source via another source.
  • Choice apps Google Play, which is the developers site already on the internet
  • Verification of all transactions in the electronic wallet on the internet to make sure transactions are completed at the optimum.

Recall that the Samsung Galaxy S10 comes in accordance with arrangements with an electronic wallet for bitcoin supports the user in the cache data better and to get to it quickly also.


I know of

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