Apps of the week Android – package updated variety inclusive of everything from games and applications in all areas!

The best time for us in the news application is the time you share your best apps this an apps of the week Android! Today we have a great range of apps and games for Android which comes free been also paid with additional features or remove the ads, but note, some of the apps in this article will be available free for a limited time so grab the chance and immediately!


The application Theme Park – best apps of the week Android Samsung

The application of new and fun from Samsung which certainly exists for the company only, this app is one of a range of apps Good Lock that you choose by modifying the shape and design of the phone entirely, but for the development of the Theme Park it provides a new feature that specializes is the design, Theme or shape of the phone is fully integrated! Definitely an app worth your experience if you own a phone from Samsung! – If not working download link of shop galaxy you can download the app from here in APK format.

Price : free


Apply the Nude – of the best apps for Android to hide pictures and files

This app is a relatively new application, which offers a blocking feature and save the files, photos and videos can be accessed without entering a password or fingerprint or something like that the app features that allows you to browse all your photos and your videos from inside it without the need to remove them from it.

Price : free

دردشاتيChat my

Apply for the relief and chat, marriage and the months in Arabic chat my !

Chat application MY of the most famous apps dating Arab search for marriage do not violate the Islamic Sharia, the app is not very widespread fame in the Arab world includes a huge number of participants and the possibility of many chat and dating Capricorn with the aim of marriage is halal, the app includes plenty of features for those looking for this type of applications . Features of the app, too. the sheer quantity of participants daily and will continue . The app also features to maintain the pattern of abuse is moral, and without photos or information outside the Arts, features the control of many users . The app gives all common package subscription free for the-3-day also in addition to the potential many free .

Price : free


App Alarmy, the best Alarm Clock app ever.

You really can forget your troubles with the difficulty of waking up with the application of Alarmy, as this app is outstanding provides you with dozens of options to adjust the clock can’t escape from it! For example, you can set the alarm not being cancelled but when you solve the number you specify of matters mathematical part which you choose, if you have never experience are by now you missed a lot!

Price : free

Navigation Gestures

Application Navigation Gestures to modify the method of implementation on the phone!

Whether you own an Android phone is old or your phone does not support gestures Gestures properly, this app will get your problem, this is where to apply the Navigation Gestures, which is one of the leading free Android apps lets you run the System Gestures integrated like that in the iPhone X, you’ll be able to modify it and customize it as you want..

Price : free

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