Apps of the week for Android – a distinctive group comprehensive and is required of everyone !

We are in the news app as usual since years long to get back to you at the beginning of each week by a fantastic range and distinct from applications that are tested by our experts, these choices are the result of research and hard work to provide the apps you’re looking for without fuss in the search among a huge amount in Google Play Store “Play Store”, remembering always that you’d like to support with a note that some applications include their free offers for a limited time, so a bite to them and not to miss the opportunity.

Apply Concepts of professional development information

Apply Concepts of professional development information is now available for Android devices, the app boasts an impressive range of modern tools and smart that you need to get the design professional.

Price : free

تطبيق واتس اب عالسريع

WhatsApp game challenged me

Application messages game challenged me – messages quick time photo August, is an important and fun !!

Have you ever encountered a time that you would like to send a message WhatsApp someone one-time or message-passing and felt compelled to record the number of this person in contacts?!

Then we apply the WhatsApp game challenged me finish this problem where the via this useful app and you can send any message to WhatsApp any number, even if not registered in your contacts in your device, of course, what the app is doing, you write the number of the person you want to text him the message (not obligatory you can write her in WhatsApp) and converting to application WhatsApp for dispatch to that person, application featured and easy to use and very useful .

Price : free

Maps application Sage you for the risks of flight

Maps application Sage you for the risks of flight is application specially designed to help you during the travel in the new cities, discover the things that you can do anywhere to help him. The plans for the trip and schedule journey. Wandering by using a travel guide is useful. Application characteristic it has everything for your passion in your travels and your travels are different.

Price : free


Chat my

Apply for the relief and chat, marriage and the months in Arabic chat my !

Chat application MY of the most famous apps dating Arab search for marriage do not violate the Islamic Sharia, the app is not very widespread fame in the Arab world includes a huge number of participants and the possibility of many chat and dating Capricorn with the aim of marriage is halal, the app includes plenty of features for those looking for this type of applications . Features of the app, too. the sheer quantity of participants daily and will continue . The app also features to maintain the pattern of abuse is moral, and without photos or information outside the Arts, features the control of many users . The app gives all common package subscription free for the-3-day also in addition to the potential many free .

Price : free

Apply Ablo to make friends around the world

With Ablo, would be made meaningful with a variety of real people from all sorts of different cultural backgrounds, regardless of which language you speak, you can talk to people in the language of your mother, will make sure the translated language built-in of you understand each other.

Price : free

App Drum Pad Machine – maker tunes

App Drum Pad Machine – maker tunes is the application you better if you are a fan of rap and the music industry.

Price : free

تطبيق دليل المسافر العربي بالانجليزية

The application of The Hitchhiker’s guide to the Arab in English

The application of The Hitchhiker’s guide to the Arab in English – a guide to the mass by English

Are you traveling and need a comprehensive application for both terminology and information important to the language English? You apply the Hitchhiker’s guide to the Arab in English which will be your guide to Wonderful where they include the most words and terms common in the English language translated and according to the rankings, plus hear its sound, all without any need for internet .

Very cool app, vital, useful, and comprehensive for all you need already for the year, don’t miss the opportunity to download the app for free .

Price : free

The game Fused smart

The game Fused is one of the mind games new on the Google Play Store, which depends on a set of smart ideas to assemble and coordinate numbers.

Price : free

The application of the automatic call recording

Application Call Recorder automatic record the calls automatically, the app works for many users, but some modern phones do not support call recording apps.

Price : free

The application stores

The application stores featuring a large collection of comics famous This movies and sayings and that everyone loves to share on social networking sites and various applications and share them with friends for.

Price : free

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