Apps of the week for iPhone and iPad – distinctive and comprehensive range of applications and shows available free for a limited time!

We are in the news app as usual since many years offer you every week a fantastic range and distinct from applications that are tested by our experts, these choices are the result of research and hard work to provide the apps you’re looking for without fuss in the search among a huge amount in the Apple App Store “August store”, remembering always that you like with a note that some applications include their free offers for a limited time, so a bite to them and not to miss the opportunity because those offers may expire at any time and the location of the “news applications” is not responsible for that!

The application Foxit PDF Reader reader PDF files

Is a dedicated application for reading PDF files, one of the best apps available to review and read this type of file aided by the expertise company Foxit famous in this area, you can add comments and complete the reading of a place to stop and review the file in different ways, etc.

تطبيق Foxit PDF Reader قاري ملفات PDF

Price : free download

App Pedometer Plus pedometer

Is application you can calculate the number of steps walked and the distance covered on iPhones and iPad in addition to Apple Watch. Enjoy the app one to use is very simple. The app shows you the statistics of the day and week views and lets you work a daily goal.

تطبيق Pedometer Plus عداد الخطوات

Price : free for limited time

Application of the IG Story Editor to create Stories Instagram

Is the application you can cut long videos into Clips more appropriate to share the stories of Instagram or Facebook or WhatsApp. The app is easy to use and does not place watermarks on the video.

تطبيق IG Story Editor لإنشاء قصص إنستاغرام

Price : free for limited time

Chat my – awesome application tocome and look for marriage!

For on the verge of marriage or of looking for a wife. Offer you application chat my A of months apps dating Arab search for a marriage or a Christian marriage is not contrary to Islamic Sharia is considered the best application , the application is not very widespread fame in the Arab world which includes a huge number of participants and the possibility of many chat and dating Capricorn with a view to marriage and dating halal.

The app includes a lot of features for those looking for this type of applications . Features of the app, too. the sheer quantity of participants daily and will continue to and find the results to users near you .

The app also features to maintain the pattern of abuse is moral, and without photos or information outside the Arts, features the control of many users . The app gives all common package subscription free for the-3-day also in addition to the potential many free .

Chat my

Price : free

Photos app Cleaner to delete duplicate images

If the storage space on your device has been implemented and consume audio and video Large Space which you can use this app to delete duplicate images that will have the app automatically as you can also compress video files to provide more space.

تطبيق Photos Cleaner لحذف الصور المكررة

Price : free for limited time

The application of Simple T – application special for Twitter

Is the application simple and fun and most importantly extremely fast, it has many of the characteristics found in the official app of the next to additional advantages such as the absence of ads. The app supports the iPhone or iPad in addition to Apple Watch.

تطبيق Simple T - تطبيق مميز من أجل تويتر

Price : free for limited time

Application TimeBloc implement the tasks of the day

Is an application you can organize your day and tasks that you want accomplished throughout the specific day time as well as the possibility of establishing a daily routine for the days as well as calendar to establish the dates of future which are integrated with the application of the official calendar in the system. You will get an alert with each new task wish to done.

تطبيق TimeBloc لتنظيم مهام يومك

Price : free download

Video editor application 123 Go Video Editor

Is a dedicated application to convert video and contains many professional tools that sing about many other apps like: the story of the video, speed up, slow down video, reverse Video, add filters, convert video to sound, image, animated GIF.

تطبيق محرر الفيديو 123 Go Video Editor

Price : free for limited time

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