Apps of the week for iPhone and iPad – range, comprehensive, everything from a useful collection games shows free!

We are in the news app as usual since many years offer you every week a fantastic range and distinct from applications that are tested by our experts, these choices are the result of research and hard work to provide the apps you’re looking for without fuss in the search among a huge amount in the Apple App Store “August store”, remembering always that you like with a note that some applications include their free offers for a limited time, so a bite to them and not to miss the opportunity because those offers may expire at any time and the location of the “news applications” is not responsible for that!

Application Drink water to remind you to drink water

Water is the basic element of place to the human body it is necessary and very important to eat proper amounts of them in a regular manner, this app will remind you to always drink the water and your drinks favorite to get to the appropriate for your body.

تطبيق Drink water لتذكيرك بشرب الماء

Price : free for limited time

The application AdBlock Pro to block annoying ads

Is the application of an add-on for Safari browser blocks ads, annoying pop-ups while browsing the internet to make browsing faster and save data consumption.

تطبيق AdBlock Pro لحجب الإعلانات المزعجة

Price : free for limited time

Chat my – awesome application tocome and look for marriage!

Chat application MY of the most famous apps dating Arab search for marriage do not violate the Islamic Sharia, the app is not very widespread fame in the Arab world which includes a huge number of participants and the possibility of many chat and dating Capricorn with a view to marriage and dating halal.

The app includes a lot of features for those looking for this type of applications . Features of the app, too. the sheer quantity of participants daily and will continue . The app also features to maintain the pattern of abuse is moral, and without photos or information outside the Arts, features the control of many users . The app gives all common package subscription free for the-3-day also in addition to the potential many free .

دردشاتي للتعارفChat my alliance

Price : free

The application of VidaX management of video files

Is an application that can manage the video files stored on cloud services like Google Drive and Dropbox and OneDrive and download them and convert them to different formats, as it does the same thing with video files stored on the device.

تطبيق VidaX لإدارة ملفات الفيديو

Price : free for limited time

Game Dead by Death

Is an action adventure game taking place in the basements and caves where the hero killing the bad guys bypassing the traps in 32 different phase of the game and using several types of weapons and with each stage there are new enemies.

لعبة Dead by Death

Price : free for limited time

Game Stick Warriors 2

Is a fighting game atmosphere of the old games machines depend on the check between the player and another fighting face to face using hands and legs and special skills, there are different modes to play and you can play with your friends and develop the skills of your contractor.

 Stick Warriors 2 Stick Warriors 2

Price : free download

Application Shoppy prepare lists

Is a simple application that can compile lists of things you want to do it: a shopping list for a certain meal, etc. with the possibility of adding the details in each element and save the lists for reference once again.

تطبيق Shoppy لإعداد القوائم

Price : free download

The library of nori – the best digital library cart for the kids!

After becoming smart devices available in the hands of our children, it was necessary to provide a perfect choice to spend children time on these devices instead of wasting time on electronic games or browsing random YouTube this is provided by the library of nori.

The application library “Nuri” child can read books directly where you content library contains more than 500 books and stories in Arabic in cooperation with publishing houses specialized in children’s literature (such as the parks, the originality, the oasis of tales, ambassador, library of knowledge, Jasmine, etc.). There is a monthly subscription includes a free trial period for a week.

مكتبة نوري - شجع طفلك على القراءة مع أفضل مكتبة رقمية عربية للأطفال!

Price : free download

The application of wear – the latest courses, conferences and functions medical!

Wear application is important application for all those working in the sector of Medicine and Health, where the application provides many features as a new offer training courses, conferences and details, as well as view open positions, as is the application platform marketing and advertising is important to reach out to those interested in the sector of medical and health.

تطبيق ارتقاء - أحدث الدورات والمؤتمرات والوظائف الصحية والطبية في تطبيق واحد!

Price : free

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