Apps Pocket Casts now supports activate Dark Mode as the system setting

Are now accelerating many applications to add dark mode after all version of Android 10 and iOS 13 application hosted on the system level. However, for some applications the choice of the characteristic dark for years, but the only thing that needs to change is make it needs to set up the system time of the dark.

تطبيق Pocket Casts يدعم الآن تفعيل الوضع المُظلم حسب إعداد النظامApps Pocket Casts now supports activate Dark Mode as the system setting

This is the case with the application of the operator of the podcast Pocket Casts now supports this option, so in the latest version of pilot holds the version number of the Pocket Casts 7.5.3 on Android. Where added to this version a new option to allow users to select whether this application follows the preparation of the dark mode to the Android system, to run after it automatically.

So it will move the app between Theo light and dark, depending on what was set before him, that it works on Android system 10, and must also be consistent with the night mode of Samsung on the Android version 9.0, and probably on other devices also.

As and included free this trial version of some other changes, which, most notably:

  • Erase the record listen to the podcast through a button directly.
  • Has become a multi-selection is now possible when you add audio files manually to the app.
  • The advantage of the constant pressure to upload files.
  • A range of other fixes and improvements.

Recall finally, that the application of a podcast that has become the application of Pocket Casts is available for all Android users for free.

If you want to take advantage of these advantages the new beta, you should join the Society of Experimental Investigation on the Google Play Store.

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