Apps Ramadan for the fourth day – Group a fascinating and entertaining comprehensive !

Welcome to the fourth day, today we have two applications: the first application of entertainment for some fun and the other characteristic application for photography enthusiasts.

Application Fun Phone Call – IntCall make calls fake funny

Enjoy more with one of your friends via make a call from a new phone number or mg and change your voice and penetrating story and theme, it’s okay we have all done this – and still do 🙂 – but mostly your friend can distinguish your voice or Learn to dance if it already has and does not involve service to you, if you want to manipulate it again, you should try to apply a more professional custom so it and is Application Fun Phone Call – IntCall.

تطبيق Fun Phone Call – IntCall لإجراء مكالمات وهمية طريفة

Application Fun Phone Call – IntCall make calls fake funny

Special apps Fun Phone Call – IntCall :

  • The app is unique and specialises in making calls Phantom.
  • The app lets you choose a new number to make the call through it.
  • You call through the Internet to your friend’s phone (doesn’t matter if it’s connected to the Internet or not)
  • Call up the other person as if it were a normal phone call, but number mg if you choose to change the number.
  • The possibility of manipulating the tone of voice audio during the call.
  • The application gives new users free minutes in the beginning, after the depletion you buy new minutes. if you would like to continue using the app.

Download the app for iPhone and iPad:

Developer : TeleStar LTD

Price : free initially

  Click here to download

Application ReliCam – to manual camera

Application ReliCam this you to control settings of the camera manually, and it includes the full control of the light sensitivity and focus and shutter speed and other settings, the app is more useful for photography professionals.

تطبيق ReliCam - للتحكم اليدوي بالكاميرا

Application ReliCam – to manual camera

Developer : Lee Searle

Price : free for limited time

  Click here to download

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