Apps Ramadan – the application of MyPrivacy protect your privacy on the internet and save your files in confidence!

In the current digital age is privacy our fair sites that call the interests and services that we use trafficking across advertising services in particular, for this offers you the application of MyPrivacy a great service to save your privacy on the internet, but also to save your files and photos stored on the device!

تطبيق MyPrivacy

The application of MyPrivacy

Whether you’re connected to the internet and browse the web or use one of the social apps will be the application of MyPrivacy by adjusting the settings easily to Mina and those sites and services to exploit your data in a bad way. If you keep some sound files of special nature and do not wish to be called extremists or fall into the wrong hands they are also will cease to apply MyPrivacy saved confidential.

تطبيق MyPrivacy

The application of MyPrivacy

What else? Your apps and accounts on it and the app and all of these things can develop MyPrivacy lock it to prevent anyone else from using it or viewing its content.

The advantages of the application of MyPrivacy :

  • The feature of lock apps: allows you to lock apps with a password or fingerprint, to prevent the access of any person to other, or close some apps and services on your phones and your kids.
  • Hide photos & videos: it is available in version Android or iPhone, and you can protect your privacy even more by protecting your photos and videos in the library of the intelligent organization.
  • Protect your important files: lets you apply MyPrivacy protect the photocopies of your passport, your cards, your support, and organize them in one place.
  • Secure Browser fast: provides you with the application MyPrivacy built-in browser ensures you privacy in browsing, do not track your activity, ad blocking, etc.
  • Manager passwords: you need to stop using easy passwords such as 12345 or your date of birth, with the application of MyPrivacy you will get a generator and director of strong passwords with to protect her and remember her.
  • Check your information on the social networks: because you have deployed more than necessary of your information on social networks, the application of MyPrivacy scans these various networks and gives you tips on need to lose some of this information.
  • The advantage of a WiFi network safe: ensure you get a secure connection, the adoption of geographical location, to fake, to protect your privacy more.
  • Feature MyPrivacy VPN for iPhone – VPN service reliable from the developers of the app (feature driven) with a browser for the iPhone built-in blocker advertising and also safe, confidential files, and report passwords. There’s a show on the annual subscription of the advantages of the paid in-app $ 60%, i.e. 40$ instead of 100$ and if you don’t want to subscribe there are other advantages of Free waiting for you!

تطبيق MyPrivacy

The application of MyPrivacy


  • Works on iPhone, iPod-Touch, iPad, and Android devices.
  • The operating system appropriate : iOS 9.1 what the newest and / or Android 5.0 or newer.

Download the app for iPhone and iPad:

Coder: Online Permissions

Price : free download

To download the app on Android:

Coder: MyPermissions

Price : free

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