Apps share personal data of users on Facebook

According to a new report issued by the newspaper The Wall Street, has revealed the investigations that there are many applications that are sending data to Facebook without reference to the user, including certain medical applications and real estate. This is in addition to that Facebook could receive data from certain applications even if the user does not have a Facebook account.

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More recently, revealed a report that Facebook could pay adolescent users to install application allows the company to collect all activities of your phone and the web, prompting Apple to cancel some of the powers of software developers from Facebook, which said that Facebook has violated its conditions by the distribution of the app via a custom program for the staff just to test the app before it is released.

However, the new report notes that Facebook managed to receive data from more than 70 common application, as it found nearly 11 application sends information a severe allergy to Facebook.

The newspaper said the American that, among these applications, the application of Flo Time وOvulation Tracker and HR Monitor application the real estate Realtor, as they are sending highly sensitive information to Facebook seconds after users enter them.

It is said that these applications send data using the software development kit, private Facebook SDK, which allows him to withdraw what he wants of information from the open source software which uses the SDK developers to create applications for use in ads.

Immediately after the issuance of this report, is the governor of New York, Andrew Cuomo, to investigate the matter, described the problems this data as a “violation of the privacy of the user”.


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