Apps Snapchat adds an exclusive feature for users of the iPhone !

Announced application Snapchat famous for a new feature for users of the iPhone, Modern will allow them to shots of the three-dimensional and share them with friends with a set of custom filters to them.

تطبيق سناب شات يضيف ميزة حصرية لمستخدمي آيفونApps Snapchat adds an exclusive feature for users of the iPhone

This update is the last on-camera three-dimensional in iPhone modern the beginning of the iPhone X, and models the latest like XS / Max and iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro / Max that contains the sensor depth in the front camera.

It will allow the advantage of new 3D shots of the more realistic and make the picture full of life, by combining image data and depth through the front lens for the iPhone X to reconstruct the three-dimensional model of the person’s face in addition to the filter user.

As to the mechanism of photography, he has published Snapchat video demonstrates how to use the new addition as well, so by moving the camera in a circular motion in the directions that you want to take photos of them, Linda you a picture of three of the full details you can share with your friends with ease.

Then, this new addition is not available for Android users, and is available to all users of the iPhone, will be available only to users of the Evo X and the latest, and without it they wouldn’t be able to get the new addition.

Watched your video with 3D imaging on Snapchat at the top and tell us what you think in the comments.

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