Apps to send sms from your computer easily


Think SMS text messaging is very important in recent years in relation to society and the virtual. Where not long before you by paying attention to your phone to send a text message or SMS to your friends on any app or through the phone network. Now you have the opportunity to do it from your computer. Where there is a large range of applications that can do this but the available apps already very good and distinct in the performance of those tasks to the fullest. Here are the best apps to send text messages SMS from your computer instead of your phone.

AirDroid is the months well-known programs to send text messages from your computer. Where you will be able to send texts and SMS text messages from your computer fairly easily. As it is fast and settings and install and has a range of other features including File Transfer, Backup, Sync and contact management and even the ability to record screen shots from your computer. It’s a powerful application that can do some wonderful things. The premium version of this program is a version requiring a fairly reasonable price. With these women, you’ll be able to send larger files, transfer entire folders and transfer unlimited number of files, and more.

Join is one of the newest options and the best to send text messages SMS from your computer. Is to follow the usual style install apps on your phone to install the software then you have installed the extension on your browser. You’ll then be able to do things in your browser instead of your phone.Sign on to send texts and SMS, the application can also display notifications and share the clipboard between devices and access to Assistant Google send files and capture screen shots and wallpaper, and even share your location. It’s also one of the few companies that don’t price to pay after the free trial for 30 days.

MightyText is a popular choice for many people on this subject, as it provides many of the basics, including the ability to view notifications and send texts, send multimedia messages and even some fun stuff such as alerts for low battery. This allows you the free version of the app to send 250 text per month. The paid version is a subscription service consisting 6.99 per month and through which you can send messages without limits, and allow you to see push notifications, and gives you some other features. It’s not the cheapest option in many of the services for the same. But their service is fairly stable. They are one of the best platforms to send messages through the computer.

Applications mysms is not from the well-known applications as good as some rivals. Where it is still one of the best ways to send text messages SMS from your computer. The app lets you basic send and receive text messages from your computer. The backup gives you a range of other features also. The cost of subscription is much cheaper than most of its competitors. This makes them the cheapest option available in that list.

Pushbullet is still among the best apps to send text messages SMS from your computer. Used by extension of the model browser to by install the app on your phone. In addition to sending text, you can send files, viewing and notification, and a host of other things. You can use the service free of charge. This will lead to limited use of letters by 100 text per month. Upgrade to a paid subscription will increase of course all the restrictions.


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