Apps travel famous track the movements of its users hidden and take a screenshot

تطبيقات سفر مشهورة تتتبع تحركات مستخدميها خِفيةً وتأخذ لقطات للشاشة

Often applications require service either in iOS or Android access to user data to complete the process of providing a specific service need to the user access and credit-card number passport in cases such as flight bookings and hotels etc. not their validity until the completion of the process.

But the achievement for Techcrunch showed a violation of a number of iPhone apps competent in this area the privacy of its users to record all their movements and their personal finances, via contract with a company to analyse the data as a third party to include the process of collecting information in the app itself is padded and without the user’s knowledge in the process of the known “session replaying” any meeting Save the movements of the user in the app which displays information of the users for training and damage them in any attack or hacking the future due to the process of drilling non-legal which does not provide the necessary protection for their data

This has included site investigations applications such as Air Canada وAbercrombie & Fitch وHollister وExpedia و where dealing with a company Glassbox as a third party to analyze data and give surveys to users, but without reference to the user in any way that their personal and financial information is accessed without prior authorization supplement been Privacy; who did not stand in the completion of the process.

The investigation showed that intolerance is not limited only to the collection of personal data about the user those applications that take a snapshot of the company during the process, too, is not considered a commission this way a new platform for many companies the mechanism to achieve what she wants. through the analysis of the data of their customers or even outsourced third-party; it has already been the force that allowed developers access to the messages of the users of Gmail; which means that the methods of collecting information need to implement more of the legislators to reduce the violation of the privacy of the user in scaling any process of hacking or exploitation of their data in the future.

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