April 2007: when Apple has taken the step to other future

Ten years ago, Apple started dominating the smartphone market. Not only this, but changed due to the rules of many industries both at the level of devices and their components or at the level of programs and applications. Worked for Apple since that time to raise the standards of quality in almost everything, in its devices, especially phones, have become at the development level. As well as operating systems and applications. Which means that Apple products are constantly evolving with the times. Thus using Apple TV in the Add new terms to information technology. So what did Apple in 2007 even though she was on the verge of total collapse, almost rotting surrounds the details of their action are?

أبريل 2007: عندما اتخذت أبل خطوة غيرت مستقبلها

It all started in April 2007

Plans Apple TV for everything when I started to use the so-called “Subscription Accounting” or subscription account. Where I think Apple purchase iPhone as a subscription for a certain period and not one sale. Under this requirement the Customer shall pay the company for services and updates to the operating system continuously until the end of the subscription period. And push Apple to adopt the kind of accounting, was because of its desire to submit updates and software free their mouth after, according to Director of the company CFO Peter Oppenheimer.

The company said Apple in April 2007 announcement of third quarter earnings and announced also that they plan to do to receive reservation requests Docking-iPhone using the new subscription system, a decision that startled analysts and left many users puzzled.

And I realized Apple that most users of smart phones at that time they didn’t raise her regularly. She hoped to provide updates free, powerful, and therefore this will be a catalyst for users to upgrade their devices.

Things that weren’t free

It is noticeable, that the updates for the operating system wasn’t always free. But you had to pay for every update or upgrade you want or have to buy a new device. And this applies to Mac and Windows operating systems mobile at the time, which I think is a threat at the time those devices, as it was for users to pay for updates, but mostly they do not. In order to make companies like Palm and RIM and Nokia rarely offer updates for the operating system. They adopted a policy of built-in-obsolescence or obsolescence built-in, which deliberately reduce the life of the product due to the limited use of and weakness due to not getting updates, in order to encourage the user to replace it and buy a modern version to get the system to run modern and sophisticated.

This policy we see a clear system in Android currently, you cannot update or get a newer operating system unless you buy a newer phone either from Samsung or Google or other companies that think Android in its devices.

Think differently

Usually Apple, they like to do things differently than the other. She knows that her phone is the most expensive phone is to sell it among other phones. That is why that in April 2007 – months before the arrival of the iPhone, the first public – Apple changed the way that prevailed at that time, where were some of the initial cost of the device go for that future updates to applications and operating system, like you pay in advance to upgrade your device-go is determined by your old device constantly and that means that Apple doesn’t learn and remain mature in your hands. Thus of relatively high cost products, the Apple TV compared to similar products I didn’t understand the policy of Apple.

May be the product of good competition in some of the nurses now, but users are looking for reassurance that is provided because of security updates, stability and ease of use over the long term.

For those who purchased the iPhone 8 such as, definitely will be determined the phone with him when the descent of the iOS update 12 will be better than before. As well as the Apple watch when you are upgrading the operating system will be smarter than before. Will become IP devices-the iPad more efficient and effective too.

I don’t deny that some Apple devices match the cycle of life and become old and obsolete, but this usually occurs after 5 to 7 years. The next update iOS 12 will work on iPhone 5s five-year-old! No, he still mature even now.

This means, that the system of accounting adopted by Apple gives you for a price iPhone, a device usable and supported with updates and regular for five years.

Developers also benefit

Running operating system iOS 11 on 81% of devices iPhone activity, is iOS 10 increased by 14%, and older work by 5% only. Which means that 95% of devices running the iOS operating system is approaching the age of two years. There is no other platform has this. This means that the latest applications and software and security updates and the graphics all of this is powered through the majority of the devices used, this means that institutions can develop apps for customers and companies safely and can be used by all users of iOS almost.

The bottom line

We conclude from this that the progress that you have Apple company is not coincidence but by thinking differently, and really spectacular. His tongue condition its says: I won’t force you on anything you feel Yes, your neck or your hands, and will not force you to buy a new device or even buy the new updates after buying your phone, All You pay when you buy your new phone.

What do you think about this policy of Apple TV? And do you know the other car will have Apple helped her on that progress Grand? Tell us in the comments.



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