Aptoide accuses Google of preventing users from installing store applications on Android devices

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Aptoide تتهم جوجل بالاحتكار ومنع المستخدمين من تثبيت متجر تطبيقاته على أجهزة أندرويد

Offer about Aptoide is the App Store home up the Play Store of Google’s complaint to the organizers of the fight against fraud the European Union accusing the company the owners to buy Google, they blocked the service from working on some phones and tablets running Android.

Came in charged the company’s owners to follow Aptoide apps system the Android platform: “the anti-virus program built-in Android operating system may cause in preventing the users to download store Aptoide and use it on their devices, which is a violation of the competition rules in the European Union”.

The move came days before the imposition of antitrust authorities of the European Union on Google fine on the practice of a system run by Android in the case of abuse of Google’s monopoly system Android, which is the case considered in which a company Aptoide taken from the Lisbon-based one of the leading providers of complaints.

Google confirmed that the Android system provides the experience of using the series to users even if they change the hardware, but the European Union alleges that the company prevents consumers from buying mobile devices smart and innovative depends on the version of modified or alternative may be the best of the Android system, although the decision of the European Union may not represent the ultimate in this regard, as the company can appeal, but she may need in the meantime to change their business practices or risk sanctions additional financial every day limit for compliance with the decision of the Union are.

It is unclear so far whether this complaint is additional provided by the owner company to follow the Aptoide will affect the results of the investigation in the case of monopoly the Android system being considered by the European Union, since the investigation at the stage of developed now.

Spokesperson said the company Aptoide: “the anti-virus software in the Android which bears the name of Google Play Protect was pushing users through a notice to uninstall store Aptoide from their devices, The them of the ability to download App Store apps are harmful. As for those who chose to retain store Aptoide despite the warning, no longer the App Store works, and he can’t install apps”.

Paolo rises CEO Aptoide: “this is considered aggressive behavior really,” he denied criticism that says that the store Aptoide is safe, confirming it’s from an app store the safest on the market.

Confirmed Aptoide she filed a complaint against Google to the European Commission, in particular the anti-monopoly body of the European Union earlier this week, the company refused Google and the Commission in Brussels to comment on it until now, according to the Bloomberg report.

Company Google on its website: “the system of protection uses machine learning techniques and a pebble a million applications a day, before and after installation to ensure the survival of secure hardware”.

In a publication on her blog in the month of last March, said Dave Claire President direct the security of the Android platform and Google Play and Chrome browser: “the devices that had downloaded the apps exclusively from the Play Store Play store and download apps Harmful by least nine times from devices that had downloaded the apps from other sources”.

Compatible complaint, company Aptoide with the much wider battle between Google Inc. and smaller enterprises manufacturer of the software in an attempt to truncate the space on Android devices which take up the largest percentage of the smartphone market. They say that the behavior of Google to force its own apps on smartphones, and manufacturers for the tablet, makes it difficult for them to compete.

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