“AquaJet” I enjoy to swim and dive without effort

Without effort or fatigue, you can enjoy the hobby of swimming or diving, so if you don’t answer them, once you use the scooter money “out” AquaJet multi-functional.

Gives distinctive design Scott can AquaJet the user the opportunity to swim, snorkeling, smoothly and without difficulty, holding the best device, which will race in 3 speeds, up to 9 kilometers per hour, depending upon the choice of the user, which can dive to a depth of 20 meters.

And battery can AquaJet work continuously for 100 minutes, and the device is easy to disassemble for cleaning and to protect it within the bag dedicated to it, as it is equipped with the factors of safety necessary during its use, it is easy to control via buttons built into the wings facilitates the access of the user’s fingers to it during the swim.

Successfully funding campaign can AquaJet collect the target amount of which, once launched on the site of crowdfunding Kickstarter, and is scheduled to reach the house of Isis. by next July, at a price of $ 799 (14 thousand pounds almost).

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