Aramco to invest $ 1.5 million in platform GetMuv across are promised ventures

أرامكو تستثمر 1.5 مليون دولار في منصة GetMuv عبر ذارعها وعد فينتشرز

Pumped promise Ventures , the investment arm of Saudi Aramco the amount of $ 1.5 million in platform sports and fitness on smartphones GetMuv which works to connect athletes who seek to develop their fitness and learn of new sports with sport clubs in various parts of the kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Aim platform GetMuv mainly to facilitate access to places competent for those looking for a sporting clubs, where the organization was availability of fitness clubs and then included other sports such as archery, swimming, horseback riding, along with sport inside the gym such as yoga and Zumba.

Commented Mr. Khalil Al-Shafei, executive director, and administrative in the promise of ventures about it, saying: “entrepreneurship, small and medium enterprises represent between basic and integrated at the stage of building the state’s economy, the current market needs to innovative platforms and easy access to health and body such as GetMuv.”

From his side Mr. on the Shenzhen continue, the administrator and co-founder of GetMuv about being clubs to the gym to reap more than $ 800 million annually.

Recall that the product adopts integrated on smart phones and the website and a lot of clubs, training and fitness around the Kingdom, and the acceptance of payment processes to participate in clubs through credit cards and repayment as well as charging your wallet app directly.

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