Arbitrarily removes WhatsApp messages Android

Mobile WhatsApp client for Android can spontaneously remove the old correspondence some users messenger. The existence of the bug became known from the discussions in social networks and on the platform of Reddit. According to some users, the removal is due to errors when creating backups using cloud storage Google Drive that WhatsApp uses to backup their customers ‘ data from November of last year.

In most cases, deleted messages older than one year, however, as noted by users, sometimes missing pieces and more recent conversations. This greatly complicates the use of instant messenger for corporate and business users, for whom it is essential to have constant access to the correspondence with customers. However, the dissatisfaction expressed and ordinary customers WhatsApp, found that lost the old messages.

Lost WhatsApp messages

“I have faced this problem back in June 2018, complained one of the users of WhatsApp on his Twitter. Since I regularly lose important old messages. I sent many messages [support] WhatsApp, but they ignore me. I’ve tried everything including resetting the phone to factory settings, reinstalling the client, WhatsApp and even change your phone, but it was useless.”

According to the WhatsApp messenger developers know about the problem and are working on a fix. Despite this, in the company refuse to disclose the reasons for which there is a spontaneous deletion of messages. Perhaps it has something to do with the security system of the messenger, and, probably, the developers simply do not know why this is happening. In any case, the leadership of the messenger promises as soon as possible to correct the problem and restore the lost dialogues.

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