Are the phones and networks 5G injurious to health: everything you need to know

Came 5G, with promises super-fast speeds, the ability to run new technologies, such as: self-driving cars, the experience of augmented reality and virtual reality advanced. But with all what you say won’t new technology, there remains a concern by many, is: what will she do to us?

There are fears that the spectrum of high-frequency, known as the (wavelengths of seller) used in the processes of the early deployment to make 5G a reality can be a danger to the health of the people, prompting the Belgian government in April to stop the test 5G networks in Brussels; because of fears that radiation from base stations may be harmful.

In other states, such as: Netherlands, invited the members of the parliament and the government to take a closer look on the networks of the fifth generation. As Switzerland has taken steps to monitor the impact of technology on people. In the United States, leaders in the Congress concerns itself, suspended city in the state of California technical publishing.

However, these types of concerns are not new. Has consumers worried for years about the potential health effects of radiation in everything from microwaves to mobile phones, are driven by allegations that the air waves wireless cause brain cancer, reduce fertility, headaches in children, and other diseases.

And now, raises generation network deployment v New – which require the deployment of more cell towers, small near the places to live, work, go to school – these fears. Has begun to legislators and policy makers all over the world to get ready for.

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She said (the food and Drug Administration) FDA, and(Federal Communications Commission) FCC Americas: it’s nothing to worry about, since studies have not found a link between radio frequencies from mobile phones, or cell towers, and disease. But in 2011, said the World Health Organization: mobile phones may cause certain types of brain cancer, which leaves the possibility of a link between cancer and cellphone radiation.

Critics say: the safety of use of the wavelength of the millimetre to provide the fifth generation did not choose, there is a need for more information before you publish the United States and the rest of the world new networks. And reviewed the (Federal Communications Commission) criticized the lack of updated safety standards for cell phones since 1996.

Critics also say: he must review the levels based on the latest wireless technologies. Used FCC value is known as the (specific absorption rate); to improve the possibility of selling the devices safely in the United States. And (specific absorption rate) amount of energy absorbed by the body for each particular block. In the month of March last, recommended that the engineering group IEEE that kept power levels the same, as it has been since 1996.

What’s the problem with cellular signals on?

Displays the radiation as emission of energy from any source, this includes even the heat that comes from your body. But some forms of radiation can sicken you.

We can regulate the types of radiation according to the level of their strength on the electromagnetic spectrum. So the wavelengths of the large low-frequency be less powerful, while wavelengths small in the higher frequencies stronger. Divided this spectrum into two different categories: ionizing and non-ionizing radiation.

The ionizing radiation – which includes ultraviolet, X-ray, and gamma ray – from the shapes of harmful. Can Energy resulting from ionizing radiation to atoms, it is known to break chemical bonds in DNA can damage cells, and cause cancer. That is why FDA warns of the presence of X-ray is not necessary. This is the reason that sun exposure can cause skin cancer.

The radiation is non-ionizing radiation would have lower frequencies, and lengths of Beam is larger, and does not produce enough energy to disassemble the chemical bonds of DNA. Examples are: radio frequency, or wireless radiation, such as: FM radio, signals TV, mobile phones, which use the networks of the two armies the third, and the fourth current.

The radiation wavelength of the millimetre – which is one of the major blocks of spectrum which it will use service 5G – non-ionized; as is the case for visible light, and produces a type of energy that harms cells directly. Uses common devices, such as: routers (novel Wi-Fi), scanners, airport security, and wireless connectivity, the waves MCG low frequency.

Are the phones and networks 5G injurious to health: everything you need to know?

Does this mean that mobile phone radiation does not cause cancer?

If it’s more complicated than he thinks he is, as suspected by some experts that the radiation output from such devices could damage cells via a mechanism other biological agents, such as oxidative stress in cells, leading to inflammation, it has been found that it causes cancer, diabetes, heart disease, blood vessels, nervousness, pulmonary.

Among the thousands of studies conducted over the past two decades, the results have been mixed. Did not find most of the studies published so far – on the use of the service, the traditional mobile phone, in the frequency range of the wireless – link with the development of tumors, according to the American Cancer Society. But the group considered that the majority of these studies have restricted value, which leaves some doubt.

However, not classified (Environmental Protection Agency) and (the national program of toxicology) radiation RF officially as the cause of the cancer. But in 2011 were classified (International Agency for research on cancer) World Health Organization’s radiation and radio frequencies that “may cause cancer in humans”, after studies indicated the existence of links to certain type of brain tumors. But the agency also recognized that the evidence is limited.

As a result, the commission was able to confirm with certainty that mobile phones are safe, but they also couldn’t say it’s unsafe. Experts say: it is actually more research of high quality on how to cause radiation non-ionizing radiation, such as RF, in changes in the cells.

In the past year, the publication (the national program of toxicology) also the final results of the study which lasted ten years on mice, which found a link between exposure to high levels of radiation of mobile phones of the second generation and the third generation, tumors of the heart cancer have male rats. The study also found that rats that were exposed to radiation lived more than the mice that were not exposed to any radiation.

Alerted the researchers to the participants in the studies indicate that the levels of radiation exposure in mice can not be compared to the exposure to humans, as mice radiation wireless across their bodies as a whole, levels of intensity four times higher than the allowable cell phones. At the same time, be human exposure to radiation (radio frequency) is selected in the head and at power levels low.

Acknowledged these researchers also that these studies cannot tell us much about the effects of the fifth generation. Said (Michael Wade) – senior scientist, toxicology – studies: “the fifth generation is still emerging technology not yet determined”. He added: “From what we understand currently, it is likely to be very different from what we have studied”.

Underlines the operators on the phones that there are no harmful effects of mobile phone radiation, including: the fifth-generation networks. Said the (Association the wireless industry) CTIA said in a statement: “did not show radiofrequency energy devices and wireless networks, including: 5G, they cause health problems, according to the consensus of the international scientific community”.

What says the activists are?

Refers activists to research which they say show that mobile phone radiation affect human health, and they want to stop deployments of 5G so you can determine the safety of these devices.

And social networking sites, and other forums across the internet concerns itself. There are also a lot of talk in these forums about trying to phone industry hide data on the dangers of radiation of mobile phones. The participants in those forums: the methods are deceptive the same as that used by the tobacco industry to conceal the dangers of smoking cigarettes; used by the networking industry.

What Says Science?

Experts say like (Kenneth Foster) – a professor of bioengineering at the University of Pennsylvania – who was studying the health effects of radio-frequency energy for nearly 50 years: the activists and naysayers to deploy the networks of the fifth generation belonging of studies supporting their views, while ignoring other research that contradicts, or does not find any link between mobile phone radiation, health risks.

It recognizes Foster – who participates in the standards committee of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers IEEE to develop exposure limits to radiofrequency – that, unlike the radiation level of the third generation and the fourth generation – which I studied over at least two decades; there is not a lot of research on the biological effects of the use of the wavelength of the seller to service the fifth generation.

So; do service fifth generation 5G safe?

According to experts, studies conducted so far, there is no indication that the seller networks fifth generation 5G pose a significant risk to health. But most experts say that there is a need for more good research.

Said Foster: “it seems that everyone – including me – are calling for further research on the biological effects of potential service fifth generation”. He added: “But what we don’t need is more design and selection. We need more systematic reviews of current research, and more good studies that focus on endpoints related to health”.

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