Are the public investment fund of the Saudi cause in the desire of the head of Delivery the conversion of the company own it?

هل صندوق الاستثمارات العامة السعودي السبب في رغبة رئيس تسلا تحويل الشركة لخاصة؟

Raised Elon musk, Chairman of Tesla electric car, the wall around the world days ago due to his tweet on the social networking site Twitter which he converted his company to a private company. Which ascended the shares of the company increased by a record two days.

According to many sources, among them the website Bloomberg, the public investment fund of Saudi Arabia is based behind the wishes of Elon musk to transform the company into a special, and while the path seems thorny, shows that the head shed wants to get a big investment of up to more than$ 60 billion to transform the company into a private through the acquisition of its shares, far from the share offering of 20% of the shares, which means that the value of the company will exceed 72 billion a little.

While the public investment fund of Saudi Arabia invests in the shares of the company during the financial period, but their share did not exceed 5% because of investment weak compared with the value of the company, which got$ 2 million.

And many reports that confirm that the public investment fund seeking to acquire the company, but didn’t show any official source confirms it. In went some sources that talk about the lack of the possibility of it to his current situation, private and group SoftBank-backed financial Fund is responsible for such investments.

He was holding had held talks with SoftBank last year but it failed due to a disagreement about the management of the company especially that they do not make a profit compared to the need, due to the many projects in which it invests and losses.

In spite of the many problems that can to the company is due to be converted to private, reported some sources that Elon musk called on investors to get shares in the company in case they wanted it, or sell it in the process of the acquisition of next will enter the company.

And delivery of it to stop its losses in the stock market because of the many problems of its loss-making, especially with the emergence of many electric cars from a company known crises and Volkswagen which would impact on the company’s sales and reduce their sources of income.

On the other hand, the acquisition of the delivery represents another step of the 2030 vision pursued by the kingdom to take advantage of different techniques through its support and investment where to find real alternatives to reduce the reliance on the traditional areas of natural resources, as well as the match developed countries in development.

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