Are the Radeon RX 590

AMD today finally introduced the Radeon RX 590. In fact, literally everything about her, we learned a few days ago, even the tests were, but now the official release, and tests appeared on many resources.

For a start, the performance characteristics:

  • GPU — Polaris 30 with 2304 stream processors
  • Process technology is 12 nm
  • The frequency of the GPU — 1469-1545 MHz
  • Memory — 8 GB 8000 MHz
  • Bus — 256 bit
  • TDP — 225W
  • Price — $ 280

So, for those who missed it, RX 590 is Express RX 580 with GPU, translated from 14 nm to 12 nm. In fact, RX 580 was also slightly accelerated version of the RX 480. Honestly, I don’t really understand why they would release a 590, if you can continue to sell the 580, especially because at this point last sold for 200-230 dollars (in the US), that is, the price difference is rather big. But the card came out, so it doesn’t matter.

Now to the tests. But I will tell you that the tests are difficult. I shoveled a lot of reviews, and the situation is this: some have obtained that the increase in the average of about 5-7%, others — around 15% and sometimes above 20% is found. And if you ask for, you can find the same games in different reviews and see what the results exactly in the pair RX580/RX590 very different. The reason is unclear. We can assume that someone “bought”, and some don’t, but I don’t believe it. RX 590 absolutely passing product, which is not critical for AMD nor from the point of view of profits, nor from the point of view of marketing. But we have what we have.

In General, I gathered for you a selection of different resources, but here there are links to many tests for large sites, so that you can watch.





In the end, as you can see, the situation is strange. Although something similar was, when left card Vega. If to proceed from the principle “the truth is somewhere in the middle”, we have an increase of around 10%. The power consumption is really 20-30 watts higher, but with the price I wrote. At the moment to buy a special adapter I do not see sense, as there is much more available 580. If the novelty will eventually supplant the predecessor, then the choice, in fact, will not.

By the way, you can forget about overclocking. As usual, it’s a lottery, but the GPU often easily crosses over 1600 MHz, and the memory can be made to operate in the 9000 MHz.

Separately, I note a curious thing. Apparently, now Radeon RX 590 is only at a few manufacturers. It’s Sapphire, XFX and PowerColor. Neither Asus nor MSI or Gigabyte card in stock there, and it’s weird.

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