Are up application to TikTok to all copy it in phone an iPhone?

Still the problem of penetrating the privacy of the operations of the copy-and-paste in the iPhone are common in more than 50 apps from application to watch video clips (TikTok) in addition to some of the news apps and games.

Appeared reports that indicate the penetration of privacy (user clipboard) Clipboard in phones iPhone for the first time during the month of March last, where he revealed that some of the apps can see the contents of the clipboard, whether it is: credit card number, or password, or a random link, and applications up to the texts or multimedia files are copied in all its users, without them knowing that it is happening.

But with the launch of the Apple TV demo version of the operating system (iOS 14) which includes many of the features of the privacy of the new, came with a great New send you a notice when checking the application contents existing in the portfolio of the iPhone, it appears as an addendum to smart but it also revealed some of the behaviors that may be worrisome in many applications.

Reported that many of the reports published after the launch of the demo version of (iOS 14) that the application of the TikTok is still talking constantly keep the user in the (iOS) in addition to many other applications, including:New York Times, and Fox News, and AccuWeather, and Overstock, and AliExpress, and Call of Duty Mobile, and Patreon, and Google News, and Viber.

Despite the fact that the company is the developer of the application (TikTok) had stated last March that it will end this practice within a few weeks, but with the arrival of iOS 14 it turns out that these promises were not implemented.

After the arrival of the demo version of the iOS system 14; and many developers began to analyze this problem to see what happens. According to their findings, andthe discussions that followed on Twitter, in theory it seems that this app read the clipboard only instead of access to the data that you find there, where she can’t do copy or save them.

Have discovered some developers that their apps are running notification unexpectedly, so it is likely that there will be APIs in the new iOS system 14 applications need to reconcile with it to prevent over-notification due to unexpected behavior.

But in the current time of the best for users of the iPhone think twice in what they copy to the clipboard of the device before opening the app or when you use it, it is better not to copy the important data and paste them, such as: email addresses, passwords and codes (authentication) 2FA, and other important data until the launch of Apple final version of iOS system 14.

The problem is compounded also in the feature (overall portfolio) the Universal Clipboard that lets users of Apple devices to copy content such as: texts, photos, and videos from one device and paste it in another device.

Where designed this feature to allow users of Apple TV to copy the data and paste them easily among devices that use ID Apple same, but in this case you could say any application from the application questionable and the installer in any device to read the copied data from another device.

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