Are we in the cloud?

هل سنلعب في السحاب ؟

Began to cloud gaming congested a bit, this was the service in the beginning by just promises or experiences did not bear fruit until today. At the beginning of the Twenty-First Century appeared some of the services that made the idea of playing cloud, but it was limited, and the service over WiFi networks only.

Then, after about a decade appeared my service OnLive , and then Gikai, which were considered of the first services that made the game a cloud to the right, but the spread of the service was limited, and later Sony has purchased the patents first, bought the second company to complete. They both become stone building in the service of the PlayStation Szczecin NAO, launched in 2014, which reached the number of its subscribers to one million users so far.

When you look at the idea of playing cloud, they are very beautiful. She sings You from having to buy a new games every five years, or buy a card graphics new, all you have to do is pay a subscription to get the library Infinite of games, one similar to Netflix you will be able to play from anywhere, on any device, and whenever you want to complete at any time, all you need is a fast internet connection, due to the evolution of the world in Internet speeds may be a matter of time…but it’s more complicated than that.

Differs play the cloud for video sharing via YouTube and pluck Deluxe, these first two don’t require the user to only choose a lender and start watching it, which is the limited interaction of one party, but if you noticed sometimes the video contains to just a few seconds for it to start, it is during this period trying to contact the provider in order to read the data and start to display.

Maybe you can forgive the delayed Video Playback a second or two, but the scenario is very different in the world of cloud gaming.


I don’t think that no one knows the game Super Mario classic, you move from the left to the right and jump here and there in order to exceed the party or to kill enemies. Now imagine with me that you play it via one of the cloud services, and when you press the jump button the Mario wouldn’t jump immediately, but delayed jump in a second or two. Why? Because it must or go to a provider who is running the game says processing and then display it on the screen, and all these things are governed by many factors.

If you are a player or live in the middle of people playing on online it is sure you have heard the term Ping, which is used to interpret the connection speed with the provider own the game. Reflects the number that is represented by the Ping amount of time in milliseconds-seconds for it to send stuff to the supplier and, the less time it became the performance and responsiveness of the best, and this is also governed by many things, some of the at your disposal such as the use of a wired connection, and internet connection fast.

Factors that fall outside the act is the infrastructure for your internet, and then with the game about you, which is an important factor, therefore, you see that some of the famous games on top free has launched servers in the Middle East in order to get the players here to experience the game better. Being having servers close improves reduces delayed performance.

The cloud

Weeks ago Google launched the service Stadia, a service her cloud, but the views of the people who try it differentiated so much between the fan and critics, but most of the comparisons focused on the delay in performance. In cloud gaming you play the game with far and Up Your is video like YouTube, but the difference here is that you need to interact with this video every time there will overlap the factors that we talked about to improve your experience, but the most important factor for these services is the availability of providers locally to ensure faster and balance between you and the provider.

Most of the reviews indicate that the service is still in the beginning which is not fully operational, as they are not suitable currently for playing competitive games such as FIFA or free Cole of dot, any lag in these games it means the difference between profit and loss, and to add more delay through the use of Stadia or other services play cloud is not an attraction in the current time.

Use Microsoft’s other launch service her cloud, but it seems that all these companies want to be in the market for, and has games still consistent for the year being offered the best experience, but companies continue early means that the chances of its largest while the market reaches a state of maturity and become a people ready to talk about gaming devices in their homes and move to the cloud…until that time I will continue to play Super Mario on your home.

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