Are you a professional? If kingdoms online the pro version of your game

We wrote you about the game strategy Arab magnificent kingdoms Online of the Arab character of the historic System Play realistic deep and she celebrates the first anniversary of its launch and now there are updates to great start with shooting the surfer professional fast in a game where the development of the kingdoms ten times faster than usual, which makes the development a larger and more ferocious. Also added feature tournaments of five tournaments interesting as the championship defeat of the armies of the players Championship to increase production where it gets higher the players rank on the awards.

Kingdoms online game cart fully

Have you ever had the experience of living in the Golden ages. To become the king and your country imposes taxes, and the construction of castles, and change the kingdoms around you to expand your kingdom? Get married and have children and you have to have the leaders of the armies and retinue of the king. Game Kingdoms online is a game cart full at all, where you will find the environment of the desert palms and dunes will be the colors used and even the sound effects are all Arab. Where will be the directors of the finer details of your kingdom. such as the construction of siege towers and build the mines and houses and University cities, as well as the University of military science.

Game Kingdoms online will make you live the life the kings of the Golden ages for example, you can set one of your family members file in the Office of the army commander or the ruler, you’ll find after a while, news like visit your family, property and the crown, you’ll find he gets older or is available, whether a natural death or was killed in the gunship battle. The Department of banking operations and the financing and investment of your wealth and the imposition of tribute and taxes. A whole world can talk all the details.

One-year anniversary of the Game Kingdoms online

Celebrates the kingdoms of online games over the year on its launch and on this occasion threatened a team game promo code a OneYear $ 100,000 gem in the game (valid till 8 February) and also – firing Surfer professional rapid in the game where the development of the kingdoms ten times faster than usual, which makes the implementation stronger and meaner. Starting the server fast today, so were quick to join and download the game today.

Kingdoms online


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