Are you addicted to the smart phone?

The use of smart phones in a direct manner which is a serious danger to the mind and society. Strangely, we know it well, but soon get distracted by these devices is Wong in the vicinity of its infinity. So we figured we’d mention the occasional studies set us on the right track again. What’s new in this study? Continued with us.

هل أنت مدمن لأفيون الهواتف الذكية ؟

I mentioned a recent study that rely on smart phones may have effects on the brain similar to those effects resulting from substance abuse and opiate.

Researchers have found who have carried out a questionnaire among university students about the use of technology especially smart phones, they found a number of disturbing trends among those who rely excessively on their devices. Warn that this behavior is quite similar to the use of narcotic pills.

In addition to the neurological effects resulting from overindulgence in the use of smart phones particularly, the researchers found that people who rely on their phones to feel isolation and loneliness, depression and anxiety than their peers who do not deny the use of phones.

Says Erik Peper, Professor of health education at the University of San Francisco:” it starts of addiction behavioral for the use of smart phones in the composition of a novel neurotoxin in the brain in similar ways to the suffering of people who take Oxycontin to alleviate the pain resulting from the abuse of opium”.

The researchers do examine the 135 students in the University, they also revealed a number of influences-social behavior among those who have exaggerated the use of smart phones. The experts say, the loneliness introverted self is inextricably linked to the absence of direct interactions face-to-face with other people, as well as the absence of body language in a clear manner. They also say: the students who use their phones a lot, and makes their minds work all the time in the implementation of multiple tasks.

This would give the mind a little bit of time to relax, which has a negative impact on aspects of life other. The overindulgence in the use of smartphones saves space in the minds responsible for alerting the person to the risk. So do not be surprised if the accident rate exceeded 50% because of the phones that have affected those tracks that alert us to the coming danger. You can watch the following video:

Of course, my dear brother, the phone companies don’t care only profit as said Peper ” further investigation in the phones lead us to more clicks and therefore more money,” and that you see it clear especially in the social networking sites are full of symbolism and expressionism and admiring the posts and so making your looking for and then send, and then looking for update top options and more, therefore paying more money.

And the fact that we must face, we now take of those machines that were used to conduct our business in time in order to make things or information that we are indispensable, and frankly most of them trivial, for the greatness of the crime that happens because of it.

One last word

From experience, I noticed later study in the collection and understanding of conservation when my little girl because of its use of heavy games on your phone or computer. And her away from those things back once to get them to understand her and save her but miss The also in her school. Frankly her mother was firm in this he warned me not to interfere, because I was weaker quickly in front of the urgency of the small, I don’t give her permission only if you let her mother so.

Of course that wasn’t the only study, there are thousands of such studies, research, awareness, and what we saw, except to mention it every now and then. And you with that video:

How do you do with your phone after that I read about that study? And do you intend to rationalize your use of your phone? Tell us in the comments

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