Are you analyzing smart glasses replace the smartphone in the future?

The dominance of technological innovation throughout the last thirty years through the advent of the desktop computer, which is the concept of workstations forever, and began the revolution of personal computing that are not abated, then the back of the computer the most power, which is becoming the size of the palm of the hand, by which we mean here the smartphone, then came the smart glasses, and became the major tech companies scramble for their production and the acquisition of their manufacturers, can we believe smart glasses technical revolution coming?.

The smart glasses act as a system and the capabilities of computer can be worn to add information to the wearer, as you know, sometimes she glasses able to change their optical properties at run time, so that sunglasses are a smart coder to change the dye by electronic means depending on the change of lighting conditions is an example of this type of smart glasses.

Being installed the information on the field of view through display screen mounted on the head or system of a wireless integrated with the display screen of the head, enjoying these systems the ability to reverse the digital image projected in addition to allowing the user to see through it.

While the early prototypes of smart glasses capable of performing basic tasks, the modern models can run portable applications independent, and does not require the use of some to hand it to the voice commands, while others use touch buttons.

And like computers, the glasses collect information from internal or external sensors, and may control or retrieve the data from the tools or other devices, as it may support wireless technologies like Bluetooth and wireless networking and GPS.

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There are a number of prominent organizations in this field currently or under development such as:

  • Vuzix: a system of augmented reality games, holographic and training on manufacturing and military applications.
  • Beyond Glasses: the screen of the wearable device and can be connected to regular medical.
  • castAR: a system of augmented reality wearable device dedicated for gaming.
  • Epiphany Eyewear: smart glasses developed by Vergence Labs, a subsidiary of Snape.
  • Epson Moverio and Moverio Pro: a system of augmented reality from the company Epson.
  • Everysight Raptor: smart glasses for cyclists.
  • EyeTap: a camera mounted on the eye with the display screen mounted on the head.
  • North: the system allows to send and receive messages, see the directions step-by-step communication our transformation to Alexa.

What is the difference between augmented and virtual reality for?

Adds augmented reality elements of the digital-to-direct display often using the camera of the smartphone, examples are the experiences of augmented reality lenses to Snapchat and play Pokemon Joe.

While the virtual reality experience of the full distance the user from the physical world, can be using the devices for virtual reality such as the HTC Vive or Oculus Rift or Google Cardboard move users to a number of environments-realistic and imaginary.

Depends perception of users of reality in virtual reality on the information default fully, while being through augmented reality to provide the user with additional information is created by ruling which enhance their perception of reality.

This is being done all through smart glasses or devices installed on the head or through the smartphone apps, there’s a big difference between augmented reality and virtual reality, in the sense that a part of the surrounding environment in augmented reality are real with the addition of layers of objects are unrealistic to the real environment, while the environment surrounding the user in virtual reality is not quite realistic.

What is the primary purpose of the smart car?

The main purpose of smart glasses in the mode of content that is created by the situation in the field of vision of the user, and includes this content augmented reality and Mixed Reality, Virtual Reality, videos, 360-degree, instead of looking at a rectangular screen, we’ll see words, pictures, objects and environments for virtual just by looking around us.

How do you say smart phones even age glasses?

Urges our phones in the direction of the transition from smart phones to smart glasses, which might explain his phone iPhone X, which comes with two main Appleoji and Apple Clips 2.0, which may seem fun for consumers, but they represent the future of the system of Apple’s smart TV to a certain degree for the company manufacturer of the iPhone.

Since the purpose of the smart glasses is to combine real and virtual, these applications do this, so take advantage Animoji the sound of real user and head movements and facial expressions and apply them to a virtual character animated character, while putting Apple Clips 2.0 real person in the background of the default or put a real person to rate a number in the default wallpaper.

It is clear that augmented reality to Apple on the iPhone no longer serve as a prologue for the main event: augmented reality on smart glasses, just as Google does something similar with Project Tango Project Tango, albeit with a small part of the developers.

Do you think smart glasses technical revolution coming?

Hope the defenders in that you can smart glasses replace the phone and the computer someday, but we’re probably still years away before it becomes a suitable product for consumers, as most smart glasses are large and expensive and exotic appearance so that it doesn’t work for everyday use, but that didn’t stop tech companies from trying.

It may seem at the present time the idea of not owning a phone like a strange idea, but there are some emerging technologies that might convince you that we’re only a few years after the end of the smart phone, not quite fully, but the technology that may need to your smartphone has become already exist, and companies to develop it.

Should go back in time a bit to simplify things, as when he went up to Steve Jobs in 2007 on stage to advertise for the first time on the first iPhone it was like crazy, but the iPhone is not the phone industry during July following, and with the trend at that time, if the user needs a phone able to make calls and send text messages and change the ring tones folder only.

Thus began the gradual transformation set off a wave of adoption of the smartphone instead of a regular phone, and within a few years changed everything we knew about cell phones previously, including connecting to the internet and social networking, became the screen of the phone bigger and bigger, until we got to the stage of the appearance of the screens with the holes and protrusions to add the basic ingredients for reducing the thickness of the dialogue and increase the screen size to the maximum.

Accordingly, it has become the only reasonable way out of the current situation is the presence of an external monitor, so that there is no barrier material is confined to the border visual of the product used, and here comes the role of making the screen closer to your eyes, which is provided by the smart glasses.

Although it is still even now closer to the early models of being the final products to consumers, but it proved at the same time it is useful, especially in the field of business in comparison with by the ordinary consumer, with a reminder that the first smartphone has not been adopted at the outset on a large scale also.

Became the technology that allows the user the possibility to listen to music while you hear the world clearly around him exist, as there is a system that allows the user to control using only the mind, which is not very far from to be a product available commercially, so the idea of control in an electronic device running the application being calls by using mental commands, just not crazy.

Although the next step in the evolution of technology may seem closer to science fiction, but it may become real and not far-fetched, so you can think you want to happen to happen what I thought, says our enormous investment for the digital world in the smart glasses to think about it, where everyone understands that the dominance of the smartphone is nearing its end.

What is the role of large technology companies at this point?

In the presence of rumors that Apple is developing the system of its smart augmented reality which could be raised in the year 2022, the Facebook currently sell virtual reality products that take you from the real world to the digital world, as it is also interested in developing a system of enhanced reality between the years 2023 and 2025, and Facebook these glasses receive calls and allow users to broadcast video to other people.

As Microsoft made patent to record Windows applications adjustable through the mind as they work on the products of augmented reality advanced system like the HoloLens reality mixed in Allow glasses Spectacles 3 company Snap users to capture photos and videos around the world, and then add the effects of augmented reality to those sections within the application Snapchat.

Although the user can’t currently see any information through a system of Snape the same, but it is said that the company is working on adding augmented reality to the frames, and illustrate the information that Snape developed the fourth generation of the system of the Spectacles lens with intelligent is able to show the effects of augmented reality.

Moved Amazon lot of talk about the system and its augmented reality, where the frames Echo just ordinary goggles, but with the speaker and to the assistant to the company’s voice-Alexa the compact, including, which tells you the weather, or being phone calls, the company can improve these glasses by the addition of augmented reality, but you need to add the screens help in the presentation of that information.

And still Google selling system for Google Glass that displays information, but focused on its use within the business sector, also supports the Android platform augmented reality apps and Google Maps features would be more useful on the glasses, where the augmented reality feature on the installation information with the real world, including walking directions.

The bottom line

Although smart glasses are still far from being as ubiquitous as the smartphone has not yet turn out to the direction of the prevailing users have, however, the president of Qualcomm, Cristiano Amon Cristiano Amon, thinks it may not take only two years, but it will not replace your phone during the next few years, he also stressed that a whole new wave of smart glasses could be on the horizon, which looks much more natural than glasses current smart.

Presumably to play these glasses play an important role in the way we communicate and access to the internet and social media, which is the most important use cases of smart phones in the present day, it will be possible to spread further thanks to the launch of 5G networks, which could help companies in creating a system of less size and lighter in weight.

Within a few years, you will be smart glasses in the consumer electronics business in the same way that it has become today’s smart phones, it is possible to be jump a large following after only a few years, where the applications and assistants phonetic smart, and programs already exist, and once to be able to make the glasses small and practical enough, you may not carry phones everywhere, because the glasses will be able to do everything we want.

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