Are you convinced America of the lifting of the ban on cell phones Huawei?

Concluded group of twenty summit in Japan, where he met US President Donald Trump with Chinese President Xi Jinping, has touched definitely to the problem of Huawei so that after their meeting, announced Trump that the two countries will resume proximity talks business and that the United States will be delayed in the application of the new tariff indefinitely, he pointed out, will allow American companies to resume sales to buy the Huawei, although it is unclear when or how this will happen, It is known that in May signed Trump the executive order allowed the U.S. government to ban the sales of American companies to foreign companies considering it a security risk.

It is not clear now steps have been taken to lift restrictions on sales to buy Chinese technology the besieged, according to the Washington Post, tell the Trump correspondents that he will meet with officials of Americans to ease the pressure on Huawei, but they also did not take a formal decision to reject him after, while the Wall Street Journal reported pointed out that it will be your countries what to do with the company until the end of the negotiations.

The effects of the Prohibition of Huawei it

الولايات المتحدة في طريقها لرفع الحظر عن HuaweiThe United States on its way to raise the ban on Huawei

Signed company Huawei is in the midst of the trade war Chinese American large, while the country’s imposition of fees on some other, warned security officials Americans of the likelihood that the company retains the communication relations with the Chinese government, and could represent a security threat to the United States, caused the executive order to buy Trump in the occurrence of headache immediate buy Huawei where pulled Google license Android to the company, the company stopped manufacturing the chips for a supply of spare parts is not, and stopped Microsoft from selling devices Huawei portable, and allows for using microSD cards in their devices.

It is reported that China plans to make to defer Huawei a requirement to return to the negotiating table, this last month pointed out the Trump that the United States can lift restrictions on the company, provided that the United States sees some forward movement in trade talks, indicating essentially that it has to do with less patriotism, and reportedly will resume international talks soon, it is assumed that the way the US deals with Huawei will be a key part of this debate.

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