Are you having trouble in the update to iOS 13’s? Here’s how to fix it

Interface some users a problem in the update to the iOS system 13, where it failed to update the system for some reason. Here are some of the expected problems during the update and proposed solutions don’t.

Remove and download the update again

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One of the easiest ways to treat the problem of the iOS update is simply to start the process again. Need to remove the update file and re-download it and follow the update process again.

  • Open the Settings app
  • Press year
  • Click on the “iPhone Storage”
  • In the app list, you will see the iOS update
  • Click on Update
  • Click Delete
  • You can now download the update again

The management of storage space your iPhone

One of the most common reasons for the failure of the iOS update is the lack of storage space. This easy solution, as long as you are willing to make some sacrifices short term for a way to delete music or apps or photos or videos.

  • Open Settings
  • Press year
  • Click on the “iPhone Storage”
    You only need to delete some items to empty storage space required for the iOS. The easiest thing you can delete is the video clips – that you can re-download them after the update is installed.

Error “Unable to verify update”

There is another common mistake while trying to update to a new version of iOS is that your iPhone is “unable to check for update”. The error does not provide a lot of clarification, where you say Apple just “an error occurred while checking update”.

The easiest way to solve this problem is restart your iPhone. Suggest Apple is also trying to update your device using a WiFi network different.

Update using iTunes or the Finder in OS Catalina

If all else fails, suggest Apple TV update via iTunes (or app Finder if you use the operating system macOS Catalina). Here’s how to do it:

  • Connect your device to the computer
  • Open iTunes or Finder and select your device.
  • Click on Summary, then click Check for Update.

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