Are you saying Apple is delaying the new technologies on purpose?

Note all that Apple is too late to offer some new techniques, preceded by the other companies. Does it relate to Apple should be late in submission, or they are watching these technologies and monitors their weaknesses even offering their perfect? And there are companies that do that thing? Continued with us.

Apple says delaying technology on purpose

It seems that Apple is working on starving their customers, and then offer them the ideal clog up their hunger. It is certain that Apple has a road map to develop their products and present it in a manner compete strongly the products of other companies. They certainly want the same points marketing is not burned by other companies. But late in filing some of the points from the other for some reason, purely technical or reasons relating to the participation of other legal.

Might be reasons to delay the Apple TV for is to keep the production line simple, manageable and control of the well after undergoing training laboratory-intensive. Imagine the transfer of technologies into production lines quickly after a few experiments, then the search for other and claimed it to the production line thus, in order to provide points of marketing and even have me a head start on the rest of the companies, it becomes confusing and undoubtedly will money suck. As happened with the Samsung in many products and in the introduction of numerous products in the production lines, which failed seed, and we all know this.

There is no doubt that Apple has its failures, but compared to the other is negligible.

Focus on one product

Generally prefer Apple’s production model is one of the devices iPhone the same shape and the same gear, except in some points like marketing screen size is larger, advanced techniques in camera and so on. While the competitors such as Samsung and dozens of different vintages. However, we find that the Apple TV may encounter a problem in providing enough OLED screens when she wanted to submit a model, one needs on this type of screen is the iPhone X ! Therefore resorted to the Apple alternatives to those screens, such as the development of LCD screens even in the newest iPhone XR. Why? Because they focus well on the quality of this product in accordance with the standards of the special and different from others.

Given the face recognition system

The Lost and found before the release of the first iPhone for a long time. Has been the incorporation of these technologies since 1964 to run on the computers! Then developed after that that were introduced in mobile devices for the first time in the world in Japan 2005 “in a special machine to security” under the name of ‘OKAO Vision Face Recognition Sensor’ by company OMRON. Then been using that technique for a decade on various devices. Then have become commonplace since the issuance of iPhone X in 2017, which provided that the technical is very advanced than others in terms of speed, reliability and security compared to other phones.

Given the IP-iPad

We find that Apple was too late in issuing any upgrade, almost three years, until released the iPad Pro 2018 with the technical specifications unprecedented and will continue to be advanced on the other for a long time.

Apple and 5G technology

Some reports have stated that modern technology of 5G special Apple will take some time and possibly delayed for years. After the failed Intel in the provision of such technical as it should or as you want the Apple TV. It is a known technique that those segments are the most complicated compared to the rest of the slides in the smart phones. We have mentioned in the news on the sidelines last week that Apple Loco you had reached an agreement for several years to provide Qualcomm chipset for Apple on top of the bar the 5G. Certainly it will take years to design and test the chip.

Stated experts headed by Gus Richard expert slides “that are likely to be Qualcomm is the only company on this planet that can provide modem 5G phone by next year” because the manufacturing of those segments a very complex process compared to the other processors, because it says connect the phone to the network and cellular this is not browsing the internet over time and download apps and phone calls, in order to operate those functions smoothly with the required speed, they require extensive knowledge difficult to obtain. This is in addition to the development of other components that serve that tranche.

Started Apple at work on that technique already about a year ago, and it takes usually at least two years to manufacture the product and a half for the test. It is reported that Apple includes about 200 engineers in the project of its own at the current time, and employ hundreds of others. Experts predict that it will not be firing technology of 5G special Apple until the year 2024 at least.

Apple and-iPhone rollaway

Obviously Apple does not take any interest after that kind of phones. It is unlikely that the intervention of Apple in this competition in the near future. Although the race has little by little has made companies such as Samsung and Royole and Huawei and Xiaomi, and Oppo their shows this year confirmed the Samsung and Huawei and Royole time shooting with their phones during this year also these phones are the Samsung Galaxy Fold and Huawei Mate X and FlexPai. At the same time still my company Xiaomi and Oppo are working on prototypes of their own.

Video imagine

With all this we find that the think Apple is very far from that technology they are considering the provision of 5G or provide OLED screens for iPhone, this is the development of its phones to the things we find the process more than just make phone huge bend on some, the concept that is not, to the taste of many people.

Apple has stated that in order to make iPhone retractable there must be a solutions to some problems that will occur when the folds of the screen under different conditions such as cold or heat as well as protect that screen for bending repeated over time. You can check this article to know more about the claims Apple failed screens folding in the current time – Link – and certainly we saw what happened to your Samsung phone the midwife Nice which later failed in the hands of the reviewers.

This has lead Apple to cancel a product does not rise to the standards or designs that draw her Don’t even notice another in spite of the announcement of the offer. Like to cancel the shipping platform AirPower you can see on this article – link – .

Do you think that Apple deliberately delayed the process already? And do you know the reasons? Tell us in the comments.



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