Are you saying China ban Apple in retaliation for Huawei?! the

The trade war between the United States and China at its most intense as each government raise customs on imports from other state and then moved to the United States to crack down on Chinese companies, said the Prohibition of Huawei one of the largest tech companies of China, so China is banning Apple TV?!

هل تقوم الصين بحظر آبل انتقاماً لهواوي؟!

Are you saying China ban Apple in retaliation for Huawei?! the

Goldman Sachs Group American financial discussed this in a report recently released stated that Apple will lose 30% of their earnings through 2019 if the China ban its sales there which is roughly equivalent to $ 17 million based on the financial year of the recent Apple TV.

It is true that the share of Apple in the Chinese market of smart phones does not exceed 10% but the population staggering in China next to the margin of profit big you earn Apple there a third of the company’s profits, unlike Huawei, which will not include too much loss of the American market, but the loss of its biggest is the loss of cooperation with American companies that rely on Huawei significantly.

Don’t expect to be China to ban sales of the Apple TV there is not that this may cause damage to the Chinese economy where you pay Apple billions of dollars in taxes to the Chinese government because they manufacture and assemble the phones the iPhone on its territory over the interests of companies such as Foxconn and Pegatron.

These factories are the largest source for the products of Apple and thousands of Chinese workers may lead to ban sales of the Apple TV to stop those factories and those workers. A step like this if it happened – and even now – would be a deathblow to Apple TV example of the Chinese government.

I don’t know specifically what that can infect things with continued U.S. pressure on Huawei and guide the punches to it, maybe the crisis is resolved politically and adjustments and compromises and maybe get into a dark tunnel and take the sorted. give us more melancholy.

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