Are you saying We Samsung technology revolution again in the world of phones?

Recently, the spread of the term phone rollaway on many of the technical data. And we mention that technique more than once in iPhone Islam both screens folding or the future of smartphones-whereto? He reminded us that technology is not new but is working on it a long time ago back its roots to the seventies of the last century beginning with the paper of Jericho are electronic!! In spite of technological progress is terrible, but we believe that smart phones are almost evenly matched in terms of gear and developments are proposed only on the improvements and updates. Here are the technology revolution is again on the horizon, led by Samsung provide phone folding telephone and other needs on the modern techniques no most of it in another phone. Would you do it Samsung owns the initiative?

هل تقودنا سامسونج لثورة تكنولوجية ثانية في عالم الهواتف؟

Benefited more from an earlier report that Samsung is working on foldable phone called the Galaxy F and other phone called Galaxy 10 different sizes on the occasion of the tenth anniversary of the launch of series Galaxy. Reports indicated that the Galaxy S 10 will contain a completely new design, as well as will contain sensors ultrasonic Ultrasonic, and it will provide rear camera, and support for the 5G, etc.

According to some leaks, that Samsung is preparing the screen without the edges, and did not mention they will contain the bump or not “because Samsung is the only one that kept her pride and did not provide a phone built until now,” the source stated that Samsung is working on integrating the fingerprint in the screen will read the fingerprint through sensor and ultrasonic. ultrasonic we will mention the mechanism of its action after a few.

Four key technologies in the new Samsung phone

Brought the Samsung light on four key technologies in its new phone, which is the FoD and HoD and SoD the most exciting is the UPS. So what are those techniques?

Technique the FoD

It is tested for Fingerprint on Display or fingerprint in the screen. Expected launch of this technology significantly in the majesty of my S10 next.

Instead of using the technical fingerprint of the current that contains the sensor and visually tell for the export of fingerprint, will be used Samsung sensors pulse of ultrasound that uses frequencies to create a three-dimensional map of complex and high-security footprint of the user.

Technically the HoD

A test for the Haptics on Display. Clicks Hab you or that you know by the users of the iPhone, well, they are present with them since the launch of iPhone 6s which is about the haptic feedback coming from the engine that you Taptic developed by Apple beginning of the iPhone 6s and iPhone 7 and newer equipment especially with the 3D Touch Button home “the beginning of the iPhone 7” as well as the Apple Watch all issuing their models of the MacBook, is that Samsung will be the new thing in that old technology? Hope so.

Technology SoD

It is tested for Sound on the Display or the sound through the phone screen, this is in reference to the abolition of external speakers, use the screen itself as flat giant to transfer images through it!

I didn’t remember Samsung too much detail on the technical ones. But it will certainly be a great technique especially with the addition of another property to use the Apple TV preset no less amazing is Dolby Atmos.

Technology UPS

A test for Under Panel Sensors or the plate sensor under the bed under the screen, this motherboard contains components such as the camera lens, sensors, facial recognition and other sensors to the other, all that will be placed behind the screen. Which ensures the screen from edge to edge by 99%, thus there is an optimum solution for cameras and especially phones other like Vivo Nex S and Oppo Find X on dramatically to and poor water resistance as well as lack of safety, structural, despite assurances that it would work as it should for long periods of up to two years!!

In other reports, Samsung confirmed that their phones will contain a note in any case. They do not have any intentions to do it sooner or later.

In a tweet that new, I told SamsungMobile its followers numbering 12.2 million on Twitter that the developers conference in San Francisco, to be held on the sixth of November next will be “a crossroads between the present and the future”.

Will the announcement of Samsung Galaxy F rollaway in that area? And the price of a new phone lead to the future design of smart phones, also hinted that the chief executive of the Department of mobile phones in Samsung DJ Koh speaking to CNBC that the launch of the phone rollaway would be in the month of November sync with the developers conference in San Francisco said the phrase” it’s time to deliver” or time to register a reference to it is possible to see that phone soon.


We can’t, we’re not users of the Samsung coming to launch Samsung Galaxy F folding soon. It can take you a long time. And for several reasons is due to the difficulty of manufacturing the components of the phone folding as we call them. If Samsung made a phone with the various what we think, let us wait and see.

Do you think that Samsung is gonna do it or that it’s just a pop media is? Tell us in the comments.



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