ARKit taught to pick up screws and nuts in size

In the app Amazon for iOS has a new feature called Part Finder. Augmented reality technology lying in its basis, will facilitate the search of the nuts and bolts of required size, with extreme precision, identifying them with the main camera of the iPhone or iPad.

Since the search is performed exclusively on the model, you should place the item on a white sheet of paper next to the coin and running the function Part Finder, scan it. The coin will allow the application to accurately determine the dimensions of the scanned items and not to be mistaken.


In General, the method of identifying the nuts and bolts are fairly accurate, if not try to scan a very rare item. However, if the function Part Finder suddenly go wrong with the choice, you can always correct it by selecting a more suitable option details from the list.

Function use Part Finder is that it is built into the Amazon app, allowing you to enjoy the scanned item. And because of this online Mall is not officially open in Russia, its spectrum narrows Part Finder order, but does not negate its usefulness.

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