ARM to reveal the nucleus Cortex-A77 processor and graphics Mali-G77 for the Wizards the next attempt

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The company ARM today officially unveiled the nucleus Cortex-A77 new processor and a new graphics core Mali-G77. It should be noted that the processor and graphics a big deal because it skips from the architectural Bifrost and get to the architecture Valhall. For the kernel Cortex-A77 new, they are considered as an improved version of the kernel Cortex-A76 current source to the manufacturing processes 7 nm advanced.


Was advertised for architectural Bifrost in the year 2016 with a processor with graphics Mali-G71. With regard to the architectural Valhall new, they come with a new design allowing to address the new graphics core Mali-G77 improving efficiency in energy consumption by 30%, improve performance by 30% as well, as well as to improve machine learning tasks by 60 percent.

What this means is that processors, 2019 and 2020 which will be used for processor graphics Mali-G77 can expect a tremendous increase in performance by 40 percent, while gains are slim from the manufacturing process 7 nm improved.


Considered to be the core Cortex-A77 the new design of the kernel Cortex-A76 current, but it is improving performance by 20 percent using the same frequency.

However, waste of nuclear new four unit arithmetic ALU, which increases the development speed by up to 50 percent. These nuclear operations as simple as addition and subtraction in a single cycle, has been improved to carry out complex operations in the two sessions to three sessions with the knowledge that nuclear old you need to four sessions.

Improve the company ARM also the accuracy of the prediction of said add outlet second prediction, which will help to feed data to the computational units ALU new in the fastest time possible. Added tube AES W to speed up encryption and decryption.

In short, you will see processors based on the designs of ARM graphics, including processors Exynos and HiSilicon Kirin and MediaTek Helio, for example, but not limited to, significant gains. You will get Qualcomm that uses cores to ARM only a minor improvement because the police are creating processors graphics own under the brand Adreno.


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