Armed criminals attacked the miners. Stole a video card on 2 million roubles and money

Cryptocurrency and mining – dangerous business. Fortunately, our police protects us. She recently detained suspects in the theft of 300 thousand rubles and graphics card for mining in excess of two million rubles. About the incident told the news Agency RIA Novosti. It turned out that the hunt for the miners were those ethnic groups.

The latter consisted of five people. All of them were arrested.

The threat to the miners of the cryptocurrency

Suspects found in the Internet announcement of the sale of cryptocurrency. They agreed on the deal. A group of five people, two of whom were previously convicted, have come to a deal and took everything they could carry. Investigators believe that the detainees could be involved in similar crimes in the past. Here is what it says about the incident by the official representative of the Ministry of internal Affairs of Russia Irina Wolf.

In may of this year the duty of the police received a message stating that the village Drozhzhino Leninsky district, Moscow region attacked two young people. Threatening with the weapon, malefactors have stolen from them 300 thousand rubles, as well as video cards for mining crypto currencies amounting to two million rubles.

All the participants in the crime were arrested. Five found in Ryazan. In addition, in the Moscow region detained the 26-year-old organizer of crimes. At the moment they are in custody.

Part of the stolen property found during searches. It is unknown what part of lost can bring back the victims. Let’s hope that mining has brought them enough money for a good lawyer who will help you to obtain by court decision, all amounts from organizer’s criminal activities.

If you ever encountered buying or selling cryptocurrencies in Russia, might have noticed that it is quite dangerous. Buying small amounts, you have to give the money online exchange and hope that their creators are not scams. You have to rely only on reviews on the Internet that are easy to forge. Buy larger amounts and is reminiscent of the criminal transaction. The crooks and criminals is almost impossible to recognize, which leads to the situations described above.

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