Arrest player 45-year-old because of his threat for a child aged 11 years in the game Fortnite

Fortnite Battle Royale

It sometimes seems that video games on the Internet bring out the worst in people, sometimes it ends in death to say some things to each other that you can’t say it in the case if they were in the right mood or in real life. Unfortunately for Michael Aliperti 45-year-old, maybe he had taken things too far when he threatened to kill a child reaches the age of 11 years old while playing a game Fortnite.

According to a statement of legal authorities, has been arrested Michael Aliperti at one o’clock in the morning when police received a report that he had sent messages voice messages threatening to the boy who won it in a dispute over a game Fortnite. A report from NBC also about the message sent by Michael Aliperti-to-Child which he said : ” I’ll find you with a gun. You’re dead. I’ll come to your house tonight and fuck your world “.

Revealed additional threats to Michael Aliperti has also stated his plans to regulate the process of murder in the child’s school, which led to the leadership of the local police treating it as a threat to shoot in the school. And focus Company Michael Aliperti now for bail at $ 2500, was convicted of the annoyed nerve of the second degree and in a way hurtful to the child.

Unfortunately, he has done Michael Aliperti is one of the common things in the field of video games. I’ve seen and heard of multiple cases in the past about players harassing other players to pressure violent to each other, with the knowledge that the latest case actually led to the death of an innocent person.


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