Arrived in Russia, opened the first criminal case for a hidden mining

In Russia, opened the first criminal case hidden for mining cryptocurrency. His defendant was a resident of Kurgan, who hacked into the servers of state agencies.

According to investigators, the man made a hacking attack on the servers of several departments to set up equipment for covert mining. Then the man used the computing power of connected computers to mine coins. As noted in the case, earn the hacker going by “generating bitcoins”.

How to earn by mining

Defendants in the case are several dozen organizations, including including administration of the Republic of Altai, Orel, Yaroslavl and Chelyabinsk regions.

The attacker was able to identify the employees own security service of the Yaroslavl regional government. They responded after a hacker for hours has produced more than 100 thousand attempts to guess the password to the servers.

Now the miner is arrested, he faces up to 5 years imprisonment. How many coins he managed to get not reported. It is also unknown whether the court to arrest the assets of the crypto hacker.

In June, the Japanese police filed the first case on the secret mining of a script Coinhive for mining Monero. The investigation conducted by prosecutors in 10 prefectures, according to the case arrested three people. A month later one of the suspects, whose name was not disclosed, received a year in prison.

The developers Coinhive take 30 percent of the amount that managed to get to the miners, and promise payments every few hours. To install the script on the website can any owner of the resource. Moreover, in some countries, the use of the program for covert mining without warning the user of the website is a violation of the law.

Let’s hope real terms for mining will not become common practice in Russia — even given the fact that mining crypto-currencies in this case was illegal and hidden. While waiting for legislation on cryptocurrencies, which soon must approve. Details about the history of the representatives reported the News.


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