Artificial intelligence adds 12.5 percent of the output of Saudi Arabia local

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Reported research PwC Middle East for 2018 that artificial intelligence will add 12.5 percent of the output of Saudi Arabia’s local, and will accelerate the achievement of the objectives of vision 2030 and will contribute to the transformation of government services in smart cities.

The artificial intelligence an umbrella term that includes many things such as process automation mechanism to robots actual, when in a system or machine and what it makes them smart, interactive, enhances memory, and increases their awareness to understand the specific situation, the ability to use information to learn to perform certain tasks automatically.

Revealed honer it works on the phone my future work with artificial intelligence, I didn’t put on the market after, will come a new phone with a bottle 2.5 D Double, it will contain a camera captures images and uses e-learning to visualize automatically what you think is interesting.

When taking a picture of the phone, the camera responds to light, facial expressions and other attributes of the health good, and do not kill the feature phone to capture the image of smart backup, it offers high-resolution images, so the description of Chris San-sing, Vice-President for the Court of honor in the Middle East and Africa phone Honor 10 accomplishment bulk in camera phones, as it can recognize several bodies in the picture instead of one.

Artificial intelligence adds 12.5 percent of the output of Saudi Arabia local

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